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Chelsea Vs Sunderland

Started by BlueLion.,

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It was one of those games that we were always going to have to grind out a result. The only teams that come to SB and play football are top six teams, all others sit deep and hope to hit us on the break. There is no chance of anyone getting a win at the Bridge, and they know that with our quality we will eventually break them down and get the goal. We have shown that in the last two games, whilst we might not be playing good football, we are efficient and continue to get the mecessary results.
I thought the football was pretty good for most of the game. It is good to see us open our style up a bit and let the players be creative and Joe Cole is certainly enjoying that. Some of the passing was very clever and quick. Certainly work in progress but there was some excellant stuff in there..

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Well in fairness, no manager can change the style of play immediately, it is going to be a gradual, long-term change. But maybe by next season we will see a difference.

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