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Paulo Ferreira

Started by Kieran.,

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It certainly looked like he is leaving the club. The way Frank wanted fans to applaud Paulo one more time, calling him the best professional...



Paulo Ferreira - true gentleman.

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A true professional. Amazing to think how many years he has been here, in the background, watching all these players come in and also taking over his place. His work for the club will never been forgotten, always stepped up when needed, probably making life much easier for all the brazilians and the portugeezers who came in over the last seasons.

Brings a tear to my eye that he´ll be gone. Hopefully he stays with the Chels´. Him, Terry and Carvalho brought the consistency we needed in the back four...oh dear...how hard will it be to see all the boys (the old guard) gone at some point... :cry:

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Jose's first signing and possibly one of his most reliable signings. Sure he wasn't Cafu but still he could defend and was always reliable. Sad to see him go :(

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He was a very important player in jose's first season, reliable & consistent & played a very big role in the title win. Always loved Paulo & will be very sad to see him go, he's been a fantastic servant to the club.

Thank you Paulo. End of an era at Chelsea, old guard slowly moving on.

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Watching Paulo's speech brought tears to my eyes for the second time this week. A true professional who made his mark at Chelsea not only as a great footballer but as an absolute gentleman that he is. Young players that join us should look up to him just like they do with the likes of Lampard, Drogba etc.

This might be slightly off-topic but I feel like writing it somewhere down. We're getting closer to the end of the old guard, aren't we? And it's more obvious and hurting than ever. With Paulo leaving who's still left from the old (Mourinho) days? Cech, Lamps, Terry, Cole, Mikel and Essien, right?! It's unbelievable how fast time flies, really. And there's nothing we can do about it. I know everyone's looking forward to the new generation at this football club (I do too) but there's something inside me dying nonetheless. I'm emotional seeing "just" Paulo saying good bye, I don't even wanna think about how I'll feel about Lamps retiring.

Just thinking about not seeing our three legends in Cech, Terry and Lamps in a few years time brings tears to my eyes. Essien and Cole are brilliant players as well. If Mikel leaves, I wouldn't mind.

As for Paulo, what a class player on and off the pitch. Would love to see him as a coach someday.

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How the fuck is Chelsea supposed to win anything without Paulo?

11/10 Paulo takes it up a notch.

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Juan Mata's blog certainly confirmed Paulo is leaving -

That was the best farewell to the League in front of our fans. We did a lap of honour and paid tribute to a great professional who is not staying with us: Paulo Ferreira. Paulinho, it’s been a pleasure to share these two seasons with you, you are an example of professionalism, values, respect, dedication and education; thank you for all the things I learnt from you. You are a phenomenal guy and I wish you the best in this new stage of your life!

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Titles won with Chelsea

Premier League 2004-2005

League Cup 2004-2005

FA Community Shield 2005

Premier League 2005-2006

Fa Cup 2006-2007

League Cup 2006-2007

Fa Cup 2007-2008

FA Community Shield 2009

Premier League 2009-2010

FA Cup 2009-2010

FA Cup 2011-2012

Champions League 2011-2012

Europa League 2012-2013


1 Champions League

1 Europa League

3 Premier Leagues

4 FA Cups

2 League Cups

2 Community Shields


13 titles !

Thanks for everything Paulo, you've been a loyal and true servant to the club for 9 years, always working and always helping. Your name won't be forgotten at the Bridge!

All the best for the rest of your life mate! :blue scalf:


Goodbye and thank you ! :)

Хвала ти Пауло, поздрав! :)

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Surely he should play these 2 friendlies no? Give him the armband for at least one of them if hes gonna take part.

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