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Fulham Broadway

Mikel John Obi

Started by Fulham Broadway,

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In nigerian money it sounds a lot, 20 million.... candy money for John though :P

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John Mikel Obi is just amazing, says Chelsea boss Villas-Boas

Andre Villas Boas faced one of the toughest days of his fledgling managerial career when he had to tell John Mikel Obi his father had been kidnapped.

The Chelsea manager, 33, said it was difficult news to deliver, but praised Mikel's mental fortitude in light of such trauma.


The midfielder played against Stoke less than 24 hours after hearing of Michael Obi's abduction and has made himself available to face West Bromwich today.

Mikel's family have since received a 'sizeable' ransom demand and recovered Mr Obi's Mercedes Benz car. Villas-Boas said: 'It was difficult to break the news to him. Not easy. It's a pretty sensitive situation and pretty traumatic.

'I agree he showed amazing mental toughness. I just have to go with the word my player gives to me and, for the game against Stoke, Mikel felt well enough to play.

'Mikel made himself available for training and selection so I will just judge the situation like that. 'Hopefully he can get this thing solved as soon as possible. That's what we hope for.'


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BBCFarayi Farayi Mungazi

Breaking News!!! Nigerian police confirm to the BBC that they have found John Mikel Obi's father alive and well in Kano

Fucking awesome news. I would say Mikel needs to go home, but after looking @ the circumstances it might be better if Mikel brings his dad to London where its a bit safer.

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still seems a bit cloudy with the details max. they did say he`s been released so that kind of suggests there was something like that..but i guess if they got 6 people under arrest,they may have swooped on them during the exchange.

will update if they say anymore.

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