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Started by Vesper,

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6 hours ago, Jason said:


Britain has ordered 40m doses of Pfizer vaccine, including 10m due by end of year if it gets regulatory approval

This is who gets it:

1. Care home residents & staff
2. 80+
3. 75+
4. 70+
5. 65+
6. High risk adults under 65
7. Moderate risk adults under 65
8. 60+
9. 55+
10. 50+


Trump out of office and Vaccine looking likely to start being distributed at the end of the year. Season finale of 2020 looking pretty positive!

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It is weird to think back in June how the original plan was mapped out...come October social distancing ending..fans back in stadium.. all this stuff. Think they got wayyyyyy to ahead of themselves!!

Let's see what Boris brings to us this week. Back to Tiers...yay! We were in one..duno if that will exist anymore and if does probably way more strict. Cant see 6 mixing again.

Least dropping the 10 curfew that was dumb..lets solve a issue by having everyone leave at the same time. Least this way let's crowds leave within a hour 

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