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closed Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace

Started by Jason,

Man of the Match   22 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Kepa
    • James
    • Tomori
    • Zouma
    • Emerson
    • Kante
    • Kovacic
    • Willian
    • Mount
    • Pulisic
    • Abraham
    • Batshuayi (sub)
    • Hudson-Odoi (sub)
    • Gilmour (sub)

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42 minutes ago, communicate said:

I don't think watch him enough to make any assessment. 

watch him, he is the real deal

I dread if we miss out on him, he has won me over 100%

other LB options are dicey, to a point

I like Alex Telles, but many here are sceptical as he is soon 27 and never been on a big team (Porto are oki) other than a failed loan at Inter

Gaya has a 100m euro release clause and Valencia will not give in for less than 85-90m or so (if then)

I am not sold on Gimaldo (I find it ironic that some who say meh on Telles due to Liga NOS are all in on Grimaldo, who is very short)

Bayern will not sell Alaba, and next summer is the last go-round in my book for him due to his age (he is almost the exact same age as I am, 27, turns 28 in the summer) and if we did buy him in summer 2021, that means only one sub 30yo year, and past 30yo, 95% of fullbacks go to shit quickly

Alex Sandro turns 30 in middle of the next season, so he is off the board,

same for Faouzi Ghoulam (almost exact same age as Alex Sandro and never has been a WC player anyway)

Sergio Reguilón is interesting, but no way will Real Madrid cough him up, as they will dump Marcelo in the summer, and need backup for Ferland Mendy (who would have been a great buy, but..bans)

Junior Firpo, my number choice last year, got grabbed by Barca  for a ridiculously low £17m due to contract wind down (ban fuck again)

most of the rest are not available or are meh, other than.....

there is one new option who REALLY intrigues me

Malang Sarr, 20yo, FOUR year starter already (as a CB) on OGC Nice , great size (1.82cm) athleticism, left footed, and has been switched to LB


Loc-Nicca (5).jpgImage result for Malang Sarr





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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

Alonso is not worth the other 90% negative attributes he brings to the pitch

Its difficult because we do lack height in the team.

It would definitely will help us seeing as we use a zonal set up more at set plays and that but even then its going to be near to impossible for Frank to get players that are 1) very good, 2) fit his system/style, 3) strong in the air and 4) tall. 

Sarri had the same issue and with thia current squad, it will still more than likely be the same. We have Kovacic, Kante, Mount and Jorginho in MF who are all under 5 ft 10 and arent exactly brilliant at attacking the ball in the air. Azpi and Emerson are in that bracket too with regards to height, although Azpi is better in the air than he gets credit for. 

Its tough because the organisation was improving but Ajax game shown its still an issue even with height or not. Rudigers return will help I feel he is very strong in the air and good at attacking set plays. 

The only things about Mourinho and Conte's teams here was you knew that we would have a lot of bigger players for set pieces offensively and defensively. Its almost a trait of any Mourinho and Conte team, strong in the air defensively, very big threats in the opposition boxes at set plays. Even physically there was a difference. 



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1 hour ago, Jason said:

6th straight league win.

3rd straight league HOME win.

3rd straight home clean sheet in the league.

Up to 2nd in the table (for a few hours at least).


I think Arsenal can hang on for a result later and do us a favor  😀

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2 hours ago, Vesper said:

If you count all 5 boroughs (and counting buses, cars, trains, airplanes, businesses, flats, houses, offices, etc)

WELL over 100m


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A very good performance.

On here was told how good Reece is, today his first start he was absolutely tremendous, there were other good performances, Willian, Pulisic. but they all played well well apart from Tammy maybe, then again he got a goal so not all bad.

We were for a short time up to 2nd, a 3rd of the way through the season and we are now 3rd if anyone had told me this would happen then i'd have laughed them, i thought this season we'd be about 8th.

We are still in transition nowhere near the finished article, next season when Frank can bring in the players he wants, the sky's the limit i think.

This is a good time to be a Chelsea supporter:D

Oh and i'm still and always will be a Lampard Luvvie:cig:


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WTF!!! Who would have thought that after 12 games we would be 3 in the league ... Superb!!! Lovely it. 

Special mention about Willian, he seem to be a different player all together ... this is what we wanted to see 4 years back, maybe never late than ever. 

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On 11/10/2019 at 8:31 PM, OhForAGreavsie said:

Why do you hate him? He only ever did his best for Chelsea. What more could he do? If he was not a sufficiently good player in your book that's hardly his fault. After all, Gaz didn't pick the team. I was on my feet saluting him yesterday and I'm delighted that this was pretty unanimous around the stadium.

I don't dislike him as a player, he played well for us and always tried. I dislike his personality, he is a snake. He was definitely one of the players who undermined managers and created an ill feeling within the dressing room when he didnt like a decision, I just know it. My gut feeling is never wrong. I can see it in his eyes.

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