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closed Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

Started by Jason,

Man of the Match   13 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Kepa
    • Azpilicueta
    • Zouma
    • Christensen
    • Tomori
    • Alonso
    • Jorginho
    • Kovacic
    • Willian
    • Mount
    • Abraham
    • Pedro (sub)
    • Giroud (sub)
    • Barkley (sub)

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7 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

Age is just a number mate. If you are good enough you are good enough or did people forget Ajax, Borussia etc? 

Its pretty obvious our youth is more productive and creative compared to some senior players.

Btw did you not see we fielded many "men" as you say it and still lost to Valencia? Shouldnt Willian or Pedro who are men take responsibility and win the match? I mean thats what you implied. This bullshit that we need to field experienced players because its a tough game is plain crap and only comes out when we lose a game. Everyone thought we were more than capable when we fielded younger team vs Liverpool. But sure they are suddenly not good enough for Valencia while the likes of Pedro, Willian and Alonso are...

We could have 18yo Messi here and people would still be like but Willian has more experience...

No one is saying we should field our u21. We fielded some of senior players because there were injuries and we didnt have anyone else. But the point stands that some of them are shite and u21 players perform better.

Who is even talking about Kante? He is quality player. Age has nothing to do with it. If you are good you are good and it can be 18yo or 34. 

And when I said defence, I meant the entire team, not just defenders.

I mostly agree with that, except that, teams with too many youngsters never win anything, including the Ajax you just mentioned. The Ajax that did win things had lots of experienced player (deBoers, overnars, etc). Exceptions are exceptions, nothing more.

the interesting thing is that you are the one saying that certain players are past it.

My answer to that is that even if you are right, that some players are past it, their alternatives are not there yet and may never be. So you are really exchange a “past it” with “not good enough yet”.

and by “not good enough yet” I mean players who aren’t consistent, who don’t know how to defend set pieces and struggle against different styles in different competitions, and get bullied once in a while by stronger more experienced players. well, because they are learning.

haha I guess all I’m really saying is that we need balance.

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On 9/18/2019 at 7:20 PM, Jason said:

I have no idea why you keep talking about merit when it's not even the point but let's get this straight. I have no issues with Mount starting. He's been playing well and he deserves it.

I just have problems if we become heavily reliant on a player again. We didn't like it when we relied solely on Hazard. So if it happens again, then it's not ideal for us to say the least. 

OR had Pedro not put in a stinker of a performance. He actually started the season well before the injury derailed him. 

Yes. I get that. But not like there are options at the moment. Hopefully Pulisic and CHO will dislodge Willian and Pedro. Can rotate Mount as well on the wings

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