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Didier Drogba

Started by DYC.,

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It has to be Torres, but i do say that in hope... i mean surely we cant send Lukaku out on loan again especially when we have just signed Drogba.

I'm not Lukaku's biggest fan (he is talented but he is nowhere near the 'complete striker' he thinks he is) but I said all along if we sell Lukaku than we need an adequate replacement, not a 36 year old Drogba. I believe Drogba may start a few games here and there and maybe come on late when chasing the lead but his real impact will be in the dressing room and around the camp.

We need a suitable second striker, what if Costa gets injured? Torres is fucking hopeless and Drogba wont be able to play 90 minutes week in week out,... it'll be a big mistake if we sell/loan out Lukaku.

I'm praying our board don't fuck up this marvelous transfer window.

EDIT - i thought you said who are we loaning out... :lol: well my point still stands. :ph34r:

Maybe now we can see if the fabled Torres-Drogba partnership can come to fruition...

Nah screw it...Lets play Lukaku and Drogba upfront and the give the opposition two man-mountains to deal with...

But seriously...would like to see how well Hazard and Drogba can combine in a game...

.....Man I'm excited.

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Ever since the rumours started, I've had misgivings about Didier's return. There are many rational, logical reasons why it's not a very good idea. But can't deny that having him back makes me feel a bit more certain about the next season. It's irrational as hell but true. Hope our players feel the same way.

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I think with losing Frank and Ashley we needed another experienced player in the changing rooms. He is a force, a great example to the younger lads.

Didier truly loves our club that is all you can ask of a player

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So many times over the last few seasons when we couldn't get the late winner or equalizer and we were lobbing balls into the box, I'd find myself saying, " fuck we need somebody dangerous in the air like Drogba". Well, he's back!! Fuck I'm excited!

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I have mixed feelings about this. I don't see exactly where Drogba fits or what he brings to the table. Of course he's good in the air. But so is Costa, even if not as good as Didier. Maybe we could use him in the last minutes of a game to improve our chances in set pieces and to defend better, but aside from that he doesn't really improve us. And having Didier also means less chances for Lukaku and Ba (fuck Torres who cares about him).

I'll always be happy to see Drogba on the pitch but I'm also afraid that if he plays too poorly or something bad happens (like missing some important sitter) it may stain his legacy.

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