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Fulham Broadway

Last Film You Watched

Started by Fulham Broadway,

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Watched couple of movies last night which were best I'd seen for awhile

Nice guys and mr Right.

But I was really disapointed after looking foreward to seeing Tim Roth one of my fave actors in 600 miles. what a load of twaddle!


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Just saw Suicide squad. 

Kinda weird movie. Great potential, but wasted. If the story was more about Joker and Quinn with good plot to include rest of suicide squad, it could be one of better comic movies. But in this case everything is just thrown together and doesnt make sense several times. 

Margot Robbie was amazing. The acting and her character. Just brilliant. Will Smith was cool too, same for Delevigne and her character. But the story and ending of her were shit.

I thought it will be much better movie going by the trailers, but it turns out there was no character bacground story, build up was off, poor ending, Leto was piss as joker etc. 

Other characters save the movie, the chemistry and acting was good, but story was completely off. But it has potential for future releases. 

If only we could see Ledger as joker and Robbie as Quinn in same movie. Absolute madness.

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whats your favorite Indiana Jones movie? i rewatched the trilogy a few days ago, i loved it since childhood, but for me the best one is Temple of Doom

this scene is so epic, one of the best in cinema history, no matter what anyone says :)


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On 16/08/2016 at 8:21 PM, Chelsea Times said:

Sherlock TV Series Season 4 Episode 0,1

That is Awesome !! Really Good 

Where/How did you get that? And can you pass it to me? Thought season 4 started in early Jan 17??

Seen a couple lately. All torrents so some CAMs might be bit dodgy but eh! Cant complain for free.

Dr Strange

The Accountant

Jason Bourne

Jack Reacher

Suicide Squad

Mechanic Resurection

9 Lives

Dark City


TV Series Im following









Gold Rush

Edge of Alaska

Alaska the last frontier

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Its that time of the year again when all the 'Screemers' are coming out bering sent out to all the Hollywood insiders to get a look at maybe Oscar nominated films.

Lets hope like some years the recipients name has bee removed from the films. Very embarrasing for them!

First couple in your friendly local torrent sites are


Patriots Day

Hidden Figures

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Watched 2 good ones last night

Alone in Berlinn - Berlin, 1940. Working class couple Otto and Anna Quangel receive the news that their only son has lost his life in the battlefield and decide to resist the Nazi regime in their very own way. Soon the Gestapo is hunting "the threat".

The.Crash - Set in the future when the US economy is on the brink of yet another massive financial crisis, The Crash tells the story of a federally-indicted stock trader, who is secretly enlisted by the federal government to help thwart a cyber-attack aimed at the US stock markets and he gets a group of hackers etc together to stop the threat. But he starts wondering if what hes doing for the best of the economy?

Both get you thinking.

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Another good screener out yesterday

Arrival http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543164/

and great DVD that the bad Cam job has been out awhile but good film

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them           http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3183660/                                 

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Not bad Cam job JUST came out of xXx Return of Xander Cage at your local friendly torrent site

Also Screeners out for A Monster Calls, LaLa Land and Hacksaw Ridge

BTW if you would like an invite to Torrentday private tracker site and you can maintain a 1:1 ratio I willl give you one.

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DVDScreener out of Dr Strange.- about time cause all the Cam jobs were shite!

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Watched Passengers last night. It was OK.  Ending gpt my Mrs in tears but left me with questions like how dd they die and at what age?Did they have kids?  Did the kids live till the rest of the Passengers woke up??  Did the barman get extra staff for all the thirsty Passengers wanting to get pisssed when they woke up?


Doctor Strange was good. Nothing like what I thought it would be like tho. Thought it may have been like a dark Marvel film but Sherlock made it qiuite light and verging on camp at times.

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