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Daniele Rugani

Started by Unionjack,

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Everyone is talking about Rugani and how he plays at Juventus in a totally different system under a totally different manager. 

Sarri worked with him at Empoli, so it is clear that he fits the profile for what he wants in terms of a CB. The same can be said about the links with Matias Vecino, the Uruguayan MF player who is at Inter, another player who came on leaps and bounds under Sarri with Empoli and Elseid Hysaj, who moved to Napoli afterwards with Sarri. I don't think we'll get all of the players just because hes worked with them but hes already got Jorginho and the talks of Rugani and Higuain haven't gone away so he will want a few guys who have experienced his football and methods to speed up the process as well as give him the chance to freshen up the squad. 

I think if Sarri wants the guy, we should be willing to give him a chance, no way he goes and spends 40-50M on a player he doesn't want. He wants to shape the squad to play the way he wants. Christensen and Rudiger are good players too (Christensen showed he still has a lot of areas where he could improve after a difficult end to the season), they can do what he wants I'm sure as well as Luiz and Cahill in a more limited capacity but he obviously wants a revolution in terms of the style, so some of these older guys who aren't well adapted to his style will probably go (Giroud, Luiz and/or Cahill, guys like Zouma, Drinkwater, Batshuayi and Bakayoko maybe as well) and be replaced with people hes more familiar with.

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Price keeps rising, but we seemed determined to arm Sarri with who he wants. Frankly, you could see how much quicker Jorginho was moving the ball than anyone else, it might be an extreme example but it makes me more confident in Rugani if Sarri says he is the target he wants for his system. If we have a rotation of Rudiger/Christensen/Rugani/Luiz I think Sarri will be extremely happy. Not to mention Ampadu as an under 21 option. Very intriguing.

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