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closed Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

Started by Jason,

Man of the Match   31 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Courtois
    • Moses
    • Azpilicueta
    • Cahill
    • Rudiger
    • Alonso
    • Kante
    • Bakayoko
    • Fabregas
    • Hazard
    • Giroud
    • Morata (sub)
    • Willian (sub)

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2 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

Oliver needs castrating

You mean to tell me he hasn't been yet ?????????? Fucking disgraceful....Should have been done years ago..........Preferably at birth :P:P

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Get in! Gritty performance, showed some balls. Tibo, Cahill, Azpi, Rüdi, Kante, Hazard all earning their paychecks. Nice to see Conte looking happy. Ray's memory honoured also. Winners!

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2 minutes ago, Starman60 said:

WOW..This place is like a fucking morgue !!!!!!!! We just won the cup FFS. I remember the times when we were just happy to make the fourth round draw!!! :blush::blush:

We have been spolt mate. Some have got short memories,

Ive put the Guinness away and cracked open the Brandy. So Slante everyone. Its been a up n down season and the summers gonna be tough I think. But worry about that after we hear about managers job

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