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33. Emerson Palmieri

Started by Jason,

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This is not called "throwing light" on something. Throwing light is giving a professional and coherent interpretation of a players' attributes based on your opinion after you actually watched him play football. And yes, a full season as a starter for Roma is quite enough to obtain an opinion about a player. Clearly you never saw him in action so I'll just say - sometimes silence is golden.  I haven't seen him play but after some intelligence work around Roma forums, they seem to be upset to lose him for such low price and they also say he is a very good prospect. Some even say he has world class potential. The general trend is that he is a very hard worker with some Brazilian flair on the side. I believe he will come good, just like other notable low profile defenders we brought in the last decade. 

Good luck Emerson!




You missed the point completely

25 professional matches at age 23 is too little to have an opinion about him - I said that clearly.

Did I ever say he's good, bad, awesome, terrible?

No, I said it's a gamble, a risk because this guy has started less than 40 professional matches in his career, having partipated in 65 including subs.

The fact you can state anything about him is remarkable because I have no idea what we can learn from that little.

There are U-21 players that have played more.

But hey, you know about the guy more than Conte does, so you have the upper hand here




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I was watching YouTube videos, cause I know nothing about him, didn't look too firm on the ball even in a video meant to praise him. Still it was just a 5 minute clip, I hope he turns out to be good, we definitely are in need of a better option than Alonso

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5 minutes ago, Sir Mikel OBE said:

I'm a fan of what I see with him.

Cant think of who he reminds me off. But as he got more confident his touches improved

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On 1/30/2018 at 11:50 PM, Jason said:

Whether Palmieri is gonna be better or worse than Alonso remains to be seen, but I can't understand why people continuously describe Alonso like he's a world beater. Sure, he has scored a number of goals since joining us and some of them have been key to us winning but if we put them aside, what does he contribute? For someone who plays in a key position in the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, his general contribution in open play is non existent. Can't win 1-on-1s because of his snail pace, link up play is average, hardly provides telling passes in final third when given the chance to do so. Has only 6 assists in 68 games for the club. Even Azpi has matched that number in the league alone this season! Not to mention, Alonso is hardly the most solid defenders around either. Can be caught napping at times and will definitely lose any foot race if he's being forced into one.

I think it's the other way around: Alonso is described around here as a terrible player, who can't defend and can't attack. So, people like me are just saying he's actually a good (to very good) player, who can attack (unless scoring goals is not attacking) and can defend (unless winning several aerial headers in our box is not defending). I posted a video showcasing his long range passing and overall good technique in his thread a while back. If people think it's not consistent enough, or still not good enough, that's absolutely fair. Just denying his obvious and numerous attributes is silly in my eyes.

Anyway, Palmieri looks good indeed. :) (still need to consider the level of the opposition though)

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I think Telles would've been more impressive on the surface (more pace/stamina/action), but more of a liability (having nowhere near the game-reading intelligence Emerson has.) 

I think Alex Sandro would've been a peg below the level he's been for Juventus, it's just the nature of players who leave tight-knit clubs, and cost 4x that of Emerson; despite not being twice the player, nevermind 4x.

One big thing I like about Emerson, which I liked about Ashley Cole, that I wanted more from Filipe Luis & many players since - is running into positions to produce, instead of taking part in a game of everyone being rooted where they stand, expecting miracle-passes to win the game.

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