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closed Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

Started by Jason,

Man of the Match   10 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Caballero
    • Moses
    • Azpilicueta
    • Christensen
    • Rudiger
    • Alonso
    • Kante
    • Bakayoko
    • Pedro
    • Willian
    • Hazard
    • Barkley (sub)
    • Batshuayi (sub)
    • Zappacosta (sub)

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Gonna be a tough one. No doubt in my tiny mind Baks will be in and a 352 which wont keep Eden in swag mode. And doubt Rossy will get time. I'm ready for a scrap.

What we thinking then?

Whos up front with Eden with no Marata and Conte ruling Bats out?

Maybe either Willi Eden Pedro/Rossy

Alonso Kante Baks Moses


Eden Willi

Alonso Kante Rossy Baks Moses


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12 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

He will start Bakayoko and Cahill.


LOL What about the other 7 with the donkey Cahill

Rossy has to play.

“If you remember, in the past, he stopped himself for a problem in his back. A pain in the back. Now this pain has come back. I hope it’s not serious. But this is the second game that he stopped. He wasn’t available against Brighton because this problem was there the day before as well [...] now he’s with the medical department to try and solve this problem and give him the opportunity to have a training session without pain.

”But this is the real problem now - not that he’s not scoring or that his confidence is down. For every striker, you can pass this type of moment. But the real problem now is he has to overcome this problem in his back.

“I hope to solve this problem very quickly because we need Alvaro. We need Alvaro’s commitment.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Evening Standard

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I think the lineup will be







But I hope we will se a bit of Barkley and maybe better start with Drinkwater instead of Baka. But anyway, we will not win this, as Conte somehow never gets his stuff right with Wenger so the best we can hope for is to go through by away goals. So no need to get the midfield tight, we have nothing to defend. Make it an open game like the league fixture. Moreover, Not even sure this competition is worth our while anyway. ManCity will win it as they are heads and shoulders above the rest of the league.. I reckon Arsenal still hold a better record over them in cup competitions against City anyway. 

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1 minute ago, Sir Mikel OBE said:

Thats bullshit. Play Batsuayi.

Thought he had done enough against Brighton. Hate a false 9

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2 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

More importantly what will it take to drop Bakayoko who is now slowly becoming an ever present in the side, despite shite performances week after week.


maybe scoring an own goal..

waiting for conte after the game to start moaning about the club not signing players when he has quality player on the bench rotting away...

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