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the wes

loaned out Mason Mount

Started by the wes,

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2 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

This is why stats dont really mean a thing. It doesn't even give peeps an idea of how good a player is.

It could be say if a player is said to be a good dribbler with a hogh %age. He might only dribble 5 feet before he runs into someone or loses the ball.

It may be better proof for someone who takes shots on goal tho..

That's not really true. Stats do mean something you just have to take the time to understand how they get them and then use your head when using them to argue your point.

That's where using multiple stats comes in. For example if someone were to claim a player only offers his dribbling people could then post that player's chance created stats and completely debunk that person's claim that the player in question is just a dribbler and nothing more.  ;)




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17 hours ago, !Hazard! said:

What else does he have to do to make the team next season?

We keep him on loan until he has an off season and then claim he's not good enough. These constant loans really only do good for development for one or two seasons, but beyond that it is pointless. While Mount performing so well and confidence is high, it's best time to bring him back to the squad imo. If we must loan him, then loan him to a team in one of the top  leagues such as La Liga or Serie A, or to a club here in England. We have seen proof of what happens when you keep a player on loan for too long with the likes of Chalobah, Baker, Musonda, McCreacran etc, they stagnate and eventually their career goes nowhere. 

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13 hours ago, the wes said:

I'm a fan of mount I just dont think he's ready for the PL I think needs to bulk up to be ready for the PL cause the PL physical league he's still in a boy's body lamps and RLC were build like men when they were 19 year old 

I mean Morata isn't small and he went down easy this season. A player will adapt to the physical demands of the league if needs be and some players are stronger than they look. Plenty players who aren't that physically strong but they cope well in the league. 

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