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closed Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

Started by Jason,

Man of the Match   37 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Courtois
    • Zappacosta
    • Azpilicueta
    • Christensen
    • Cahill
    • Alonso
    • Kante
    • Fabregas
    • Bakayoko
    • Hazard
    • Morata
    • Drinkwater (sub)
    • Rudiger (sub)
    • Willian (sub)

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1 hour ago, Leif said:

It's uncanny how both Ronaldo & Morata leap like actual, literal salmons. What do they feed them in Madrid? Do they really become what they eat?

You do know Ronaldo was jumping like that in his Man United days right? But yeah they do leap similarly

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7 hours ago, Special Juan said:

I cannot and will not get bored of watching that header. I love goals like that.

I wish we could see another Inzaghi this generation.

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21 hours ago, AChes1ofus said:

First did you see the Mourinho post match interview, this is to all?

I'm still stunned by his comments, manure according to him bossed the first 20 minutes ( they did match us but that was about it), there after that manure contained us, manure we're unlucky not to have scored, and should have won.

Same old tnuc never any praise for the oppo, especially if it's Chelsea.

As for our performance glad we had N'golo back made a big differance, and why is it our 2 best performances have been 3-5-2 seems to me why not employ this formation full time.

Finally sorry to Cesc I complained badly about his inclusion, i felt he had been shit so far this season, glad he proved me wrong.


You should watch the post match interview he did for MU TV as well. Completely delusional, he lists all the chances they had after the 85th minute mark and talks like they should have scored at least two or three with ease. Frankly if you had not watched the full match and only watched that interview alone, the way he speaks about all the chances you would really think they were unlucky not to leave the Bridge with a win. Distorted reality a la Jose Mourinho, he forgets that by that 85th minute mark they've only had one shot on goal in the first half and Chelsea missed at least three sitters (Bakayoko, Christensen in the first half, Hazard in the second half). He's a prick and one big deluded git. Fuck him.

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Guess I watched a diff game  matic had a very good game against us. Both defending as well as attack where he even created problems to our defense in the second half (assist to fellaine fo ex). He played alongside Ander Herrera who is neither physical nor technical enough.
of course Kante was better because he is better, but in my mind between Baka and matic today there is really no contest.
much better performance overall which is the important part. Better from Alonso too esp when he cuts inside as he should. Still disappointed by fabregas though.
the defensive trio today are our best defenders at the moment. Yes even Cahill... rudiger needed to sit this one out after Rome game.

You watched a different game.

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Haven't been here in months...


I thought the game against Utd had a lot of interesting tidbits. First of all, remember when Utd used to give Chelsea supporters under Jose grief for playing boring football and parking the bus? We since 2013 they've signed 3 former Chelsea players and the godfather of bus parking in Jose Mourinho. I guess it's safe to say they were always just envious of what we had. They now play like Chelsea have played and say "I don't care about the style, I just want results!!" Lol


On the game, it was a proper battering, the scoreline flattered them massively. 3-5-2 looks like the way forward, it liberated cesc and showed the strength we possess with Bakayoko and N'Golo.


When we get Moses back I think this system will be formidable. His ability to get forward will be vital.





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