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Returning member, and finally visiting the bridge! Need advice.

Started by Alee.,

Hello everyone! Haven't posted on this forum in years but it's great to see it's still active! Hope everyone's doing well. 

I'm from Pakistan but will be moving to London for 12 months starting September for my postgraduate degree. One of the biggest motivations is that I get to watch a few games at the bridge. I need some advice from the regulars. I'm planning on watching at least 3-4 games at the bridge this season (more or less, budget permitting). I want to get my hands on at-least one big PL fixture (City at the end of September for example) and at least one Champions League fixture from the group stage. If possible, of course. 


Do you reckon I should get a membership, and what are my odds of securing tickets with one? Or should I look at reseller websites such as Viagogo and the like? 

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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