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The Skipper

Álvaro Morata

Started by The Skipper,

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5 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

Do you believe then that Morata was too expensive for United, then suddenly they pay 75m plus bonuses and Rooney and we finalize Morata for 80m? 

I think it makes more sense we bid for Lukaku in desire to drop Morata's price. Lukaku was nailed to join Utd for months. I dont think united beaten us last second because we hesitated.

If we ended up with some average dude I would have doubts, but we got Morata realy quickly. 

Yes I do think Morata was Contes choice, he was his choice back in juve and Morata said he wants to train with Conte one day, implying they have good relationship despite never actualy working together.

No, I believe Madrid did not want to sell Morata to Utd because of the De Gea dealings so they moved onto Lukaku.

How does bidding for Lukaku drop the price for Morata? If anything the price should go up since we are more desperate given we lost out on a target.

I'm not disappointed with the acquisition given the fee but I doubt he was our consensus no.1 target. We had a list of suitable strikers and he was on it... The amount we got him for made it a no brainer. Remember Lukaku is homegrown and we desperately need homegrown talent, its probably why we went in for him first.

I do think Conte wanted Morata but I also believe the club wanted Lukaku and these decisions are taken by committee. 


In the end it doesn't matter, both will have loads to prove and for Alvaro's price tag he should have less burden.




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2 minutes ago, Chelsea Legend 11 said:

No, I believe Utd did not want to sell Morata to Utd because of the De Gea dealings

most likely because it is Mourinho, they won't sell anyone to him

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Very excited about this transfer.  I think he will do brilliantly long-term for us.  He clearly wants to be the first choice striker at a club, so I know he will work hard to make sure he deserves it. I think he will be grateful for this opportunity and will stay a very long time. 

It is going to be so weird/refreshing to have a striker that is really good with the ball.  Being able to join in on the build up without breaking things down.  He is very good at most everything, which can sometimes work against players, but I do not think it will here.  Conte will shape him in to how he wants him to play and Morata has the potential for become a specialist in a few areas.  There's so much potential with him.  

One player who I see him helping a lot is Hazard.  He will have a striker he can combine with really well, it is going to do wonders for space and those 1-2's he enjoys.  Maybe more than that is that Morata seems to drift that the left side when up top.  That might have to do with that he played more out wide at juve some, but he seems to favor that side when attacking.  i just think he'll combine brilliantly once hazard is fit again.  Having Baka's driving runs, hazards unbelievable dribbling, and Morata's speed and dribbling on the same side is exciting to me.  Just imagine if we somehow end up with Sandro!

I won't judge him only off his goals.  Overall contribution is always more important to me.  I don't want to bring it up on the first page, but will anyways...I don't see him scoring more than Lukaku, but I see him being a lot more beneficial to the team.  Definitely the better choice.  

Good luck Morata!

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18 minutes ago, milan.cech said:


He seems to know that the first step to my heart is a great tie choice. Very well done, señor Morata.

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