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14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

Started by Jason,

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7 hours ago, OneMoSalah said:

I think today was one of his better performances this season, although he still looks well short, but I’ve never ever seen a profession footballer unnecessarily kick the ball with the outside of his foot so many times when he could have just done it with the inside of his foot. I mean he must have given it away about 10 times alone doing that. And I seen somewhere on here they gave him a 9/10 rating? Seriously? 

Yeah, I had to re-read that headline on the main page.  9/10?  Really?  Does everyone get a 9 then?  He wasn't a passenger today.  Stole the ball once.

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As much as I still feel he can turn good, he will have to work harder. 

His confidence is low, it makes very hard to play football.

But that is no excuse to just stroll around all the time.

This mofo is a DM/B2B and he has to start chasing after every ball near him, not jog like he is on fucking vacation. 

If he was good at marking, he wouldnt need to run, but he is always in wrong position, so there is no other way.

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Seems way more fitted now.

Still far from great but at least he is not making those silly ball control erros and is marking a bit more.

Hope he can you his game up even more

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5 hours ago, Vytis33 said:

Have been beyond critical of him this campaign...played a decent match today though. 



I didn't think Pogba played too bad. His passing was pretty good.and more helpful going forward than what we had. Still need a creative B"B CM partner for the wee baldy man as a priority IMO

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