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Started by Leif,

If anyone partakes, come in. 

I picked it up this year. So far I've only had lessons & tandem flights, none just by myself. Even so, I've learned some major things, like it's really damn cold that high in the air.
The paragliding community is small but strong. France is the best place for it; they seemingly have a culture of respecting hitch-hikers, which is necessary after gliding over a mile. 750 official launch spots, too. It's very James Bond-feeling gliding through the alps. At some point, presuming I've the energy after a solo flight, I have to aim for jumping into some ski's or a snowboard within a minute or 2 of landing.

Most of the people in this sport are twice my age; not fun on an emotional level, but interesting in other ways for sure. These are people you expect to come to your hospital bed after only paragliding with them twice. Most of the people are men, with wives, who relish the idea of living young.



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