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Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

Started by KevinAshburner,

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55 minutes ago, cosmicway said:

If it's dead time you can reverse a bad decision.

Yup it is easy for sport like NFL where the there is a clear "1 possession". If you can review the whole possession in football, it will harm team who play possession football 

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1 hour ago, communicate said:

Yup I heard it is up to the var to give advice to the head ref. I read in wiki you can review goal from the moment you recover the ball. In your video, should the goal be overturned? , what happen if it occur deep in your own half during the build up.


My video was meant to depict a dubious situation.
Like with Hurst's goal there is no definite answer I think.
The keeper raising his arms in protest immediately as the ball goes past him is no proof of course.
I suppose if it was a foul committed by the reds during the build up inside the box, it should n't have counted.
But as I said it should be up to the ref. to seek assistance.

Below I show you the epic from 2013 cup final. The reds get the favour of the call again !
Here is what happens. The ref and the fourth ref are having a conference and decide it was n't a penalty - the game was resumed with a corner kick.
But while that conference was taking place the tv had time to show two (2) replays !!
Upon closer inspection of the videos the referee's view is seen to be obstructed by players inside the box and the fourth referee's view from behind the goal is also obstructed by the upright. So when they talked they decided to give the benefit of the doubt to the reds while at the same time they had no right to call for video assistance.
It was pen and red card of course.


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