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Started by BlueLion.,

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OMG i've never wanted Frankie to score less LOL

i sat there in the 89th minute thinking "please just keep it at 3" :lol:

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How many Wildcards have there been in the last 2 seasons, and will we be getting the same number this season ?

The number of wildcards appears to be somewhat arbitry, and not having them makes it more difficult to catch the leader. Is it right that the leader also gets to choose when to have a wildcard ?

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The amount of wildcards there have been in recent seasons is totally irrelevant. I have the fixture list on my computer, and I randomly generate games at the start of the season to be selected as wildcards. The remaining wildcards this season in the Premier League are as follows:

Hull City (home)

Portsmouth (away)

Man City (home)

Spurs (away)

Liverpool (home)

Arsenal (FA Cup)

Fulham (home)

Blackburn (home)

UCL Final (Champions League)

Should we reach the FA Cup semi-final, that game will also be a wildcard. Should we beat Juventus, the second leg of our Quarter Final tie in the UCL will be a wildcard, and so will the final, providing we get there.

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If you think BlueLion is losing it and he's made a mistake or two, drop him a PM and he'll sort it out for you. He's also happy to answer any questions you have. He won't bite...


LMAO! Yes Alex you are losing it

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I've noticed that whilst me and Kez have moreorless been matching each other, Becky's been steadily creeping up on the pair of us... I'm concerned :P

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