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Michael Menten

Report on fans

Started by Michael Menten,

Hello everybody,

My name is Michael Menten. I am a journalist for the RTBF Television in Belgium.
For the next season, I am looking for following Chelsea supporters, before, during and after all matches. 
It is really important to know that I need someone available for me, who accepts I follow him everywhere (except toilets...) and who is a huge Chelsea fan. Someone for who Chelsea is his life.
I will realise around 40 reports on him and his friends/family during the all season for the Belgium Television.
If you are interested in this experience, contact me at : ment@rtbf.be
Tell me who you are, how you love Chelsea and what you could do for the Club.
I hope you are particulary appreciating Belgium players because we could of course speak about them during the reports.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
If you think a friend, your family or someone could be interrested, just let him know about that project.

Kind Regards,

Michael Menten
Contact : ment@rtbf.be

PS : Sorry for my bad english...

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