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MCL sprain

Started by BlueLyon,

So I sprained  MCL on my right knee, while playing footie. I love sport and now this, my life sucks atm.

I have mri in next weeks, but doctor said its certainly a sprain of my MCL (and maybe meniscus injury too).

I know, doctors will know best and I asked them all I needed to know, but if anyone of you had similar injuries, do you know any tricks for quicker healing, exercises, what was your recovery time and how the knee responds when you start playing again.

Thank god its not anything more severe, now Im out for at least 2 months, but it could be worse.

Would realy appreciate if anyone had similar injury to share info.

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how to treat an mcl sprain



The Complete Guide to MCL Injuries
Jim Brown June 25, 2009

[READ MORE AT LINK] - http://www.coreperformance.com/knowledge/injury-pain/mcl-injuries.html


Initial Treatment

  • Apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.
  • Rest the knee until symptoms significantly diminish or disappear.
  • Use an elastic wrap or bandage to compress the knee (to limit swelling).
  • Use a pillow or cushion to elevate the knee when sitting during the day or sleeping at night.

Comeback Strategy

Mild (grade 1) MCL sprains heal with rest and initial treatment methods. More severe sprains take weeks or months to heal, and recovering from MCL surgery requires months, although surgery is not automatically called for with grade 3 tears.

Wear a knee brace or sleeve recommended by your physician or physical therapist.

Wear athletic shoes that provide strong lateral support.

How to Avoid This Injury

Athletes take risks when they play sports, and knee ligament injuries are among those risks. Some MCL injuries are not avoidable, but you can reduce your risk for an injury by following some of the suggestions below.

  • Avoid sudden increases in frequency, duration, or intensity of exercise.
  • Wear athletic shoes that provide strong lateral support.
  • Work with a knowledgeable coach to ensure proper, sport-specific technique

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