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Effects of foreign players on the Premier League

Started by Student,

Dear All,
I am conducting a piece of research for my dissertation into fans opinions of the affects that the migration of foreign players has had on the Premier League.
I would be very grateful to anyone who would spare the five minutes the questionnaire will take as obviously you'll be helping a fellow football fan out!
The link to my questionnaire is:
Thank you so much!

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If there are only English players then the English clubs would n't make it beyond the stage of the qualifying groups.
If there was a worldwide ratio system then that might change.
There should be a ratio system 2 or 3 out of 11 but only if it becomes international.
Some national teams would probably improve with such a system.

Some national teams with 11/11 expatriates tend do well (exporter countries such as Holland-Argentine).
Some national teams of importer countries are not doing so well (England).
But I 'm not sure.
This is something to be investigated to see what happens across the world.
There are also mixed situations. My country (Greece) is an importer but at the same time all the Greek players with any sort of talent are moving abroad (e.g. Socrates). The national team is very poor (after that glorious euro success of 2004).
So you have to look into what happens to national teams in some detail.
We don't know if this will bring about new policies, but it will at least improve our knowledge.



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