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Financial Football Clubs Thread

Started by KevinAshburner,

Financial Football Clubs - Thread

[ FFC / F F C ]


This Thread will be for Discussing Financial Things Relating to Football and Football Clubs Only.


All Football Clubs in The World will be discussed in this Thread.


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Football Clubs With The Most Debt (Massive Loans)



UEFA has released their annual report on financial health of football entities across Europe and according to recent financial details Manchester United is not only the club with highest yearly revenue but also has the highest net debt. The interesting fact that even with the highest revenue United has failed to reduce their net debt which stands at €536 million and thats around 25% increase compared to last fiscal year. We take a look at clubs with highest net debt across Europe.


10 Most Debt Ridden Football Clubs – 2017
NO.# CLUB NET DEBT (numbers converted to dollar)
1 Manchester United $570 million (risen by 18% largely down to brexit as US dollar strengthend to GBP. However club remain in excellent financial condition with $657 in yearly revenue
2 SL Benfica $351 million (Benfica’s finances has been mismanaged for best part of last decade and club is trying hard to get out of massive debt they owe to local portugese banks)
3 Inter Milan $325 million (in worst possible financial situation and things not looking bright with inter posting another $78 million net loss in 2016.
4 Valencia $303 million
5 FC Barcelona $298 million (has managed to reduce their net debt from from $340m to $298m thanks to record revenue of $713m generated in 2015-16 season
6 QPR $297 million (most of the debt is owed to club’s owners ($158m owed to Asia Sdn Bhd owned by Fernandes, another $40m to Mittal family etc)
7 AC Milan $265 million (in 2016 club sold for around $826 million to chinese company including the debt. Goldman Sachs to intervene in clubs debt restructuring)
8 Chelsea* technically debt free but Roman Abramovich’s $1 billion investment counts if he decides to sell the club.
9 CSKA Moscow $238 million
10 Galatasaray $236 million
11 Real Madrid $250 million (Madrid has much more debt than just $250m. But only this amount falls into FIFA fair-play regulations.)
12 Juventus $222 million
13 AS Roma $221 million
14 Sunderland $221 million
15 PSG $198 million
16 Fenerbache $176 million
17 Dinamo Moskva $174 million
18 Atletico Madrid $174 million
19 Liverpool $174 million
20 Olympic Lyon $169 million
21 AS Monaco $157 million
22 FC Kopenhavn $146 million
23 FC Schalke $145 million

table seperater




By Victor Kalumba on Jan 13, 2017





Football Clubs With Most Debt? Who are the Football clubs with biggest debt? Have you ever wanted to find out which football teams that have the biggest debts in world football? Well if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Football Teams with the Most Debt.

Football clubs in debt are often an effect of too expensive transfers and Football players with too high saleries which lead football clubs in debt because they have too much high profile names earning high salaries per week.


Football Club with biggest debt? Football club with highest debt in England?



Manchester United debt biggest in Europe by €200 million

Jan 12, 2017 17:25:29


A 25 per cent increase on last year means the Old Trafford outfit's debt is comfortably the biggest in Europe but is balanced by huge revenues


Manchester United have €200 million more debt than any other European football club, according to new figures released by UEFA.

Ibrahimovic: I conquered England in three months

The Club Licensing Benchmarking Report from European football's governing body, which covers the 2015 financial year, lists United's debt to be €536m - significantly more than the next club on the list, Benfica, with €336m.

United's figure is also an increase of 25 per cent on the previous 12 months, bucking trends across Europe of falling debts year-on-year for the past five years that UEFA attributes in part to its Financial Fair Play regulations.

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