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the wes

Tiemoué Bakayoko

Started by the wes,

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2 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

Werent both called up for first time last week? Bakayoko only after Pogba was injured?

Yep sorry, missed the fact that Tolisso was in the squad initially! He is a great player too but personally I think Bakayoko has more potential. Tolisso has been (apparently) nailed on to go to Juve for a few seasons now and looks like it could happen in the summer.

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41 minutes ago, BlueLyon said:

On paper any skilled player would look better next to Kante

Yore dead right mate. Thats why its really hard to take the stats in sites like WhoScored too serious cause looking at N'Golo on there you'd just think Meh!

You just never know what any player will be like untill theyre in the team. A team thats gelled together all working for each other is something any manager would kill for. We got some lads that we think need upgrading but we never know if the new guys going to fit in ok.

So far Conte seems to understand man management and putting players into position we raised our eyebrows at.

Just gotta pray to the footballing atoms he keeps doing that.

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42 minutes ago, OhForAGreavsie said:


I don't think it's the actual pass which is the most important component of being a good passer.

Most people, you & me included I think, could complete a very high percentage of the passes available to us if we were first set up with the right angle, on our chosen foot, with the time and space required, and with the runner in position. Even if you and I couldn't, most professionals could. Nemanja, for example, certainly can. Yes, there are differences between different professionals but, given the perfect set up I've described, the better passer isn't going to complete a significantly higher percentage of the passes than the less good distributor.

What makes a much bigger impact on the outcome of any given possession than mere precision of delivery, is the special player's ability to do the things which create the good conditions for a pass in the first place; the collect and turn which leaves the immediate marker in his wake and opens up the pitch in front of him, the precise touch which puts the ball right were it needs to be so he has that split second to get his pass away, the poise and body control to retain possession long enough for the target of his pass to make a run. I won't go on with the list; we all know the sort of things which are on it. I think Bakayoko has many of the attributes required to generate good passing opportunities for himself.

Threading the intricate pass around the edge of the opponents' box is a part of the function of a player in Bakayoko's role, but effectively turning defence into attack is a more important part. Bakayoko may not score lots of goals or register many assists, but his team does and he is a big part of the reason for that.

I agree with what you've said but I can't say Bakayoko struck me as the player with the awareness, composure and poise you described in that same paragraph.

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