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The TC Hall Of Fame

Started by Steve,

246 posts in this topic

Being a relative late commer to TC and having looked back at some of the banter theres been I would have loved to have been here for those times.

ALL of it TO ME seemed very harmless and some taken more serious than I'm sure it was meant, but sometimes sarcasm and banter doesn't transfer well into text only. We don't have the benefit of facial expressions or voice changes. Think thats why Emojis were developed.

I think having some of these guys back would be great.

In no way am I telling peeps what to do as its nowt to do with me but as an idea why dont you guys who were around back when just drop them a Msg or Email telling them to get their arse back here. I was only away a few weeks and I got 8.

I know there must be a facility for Admin to send out blanket Emails. Just send one wishing everyone a Happy New Year or summet. Tell them they are missed and TC is still alive and kicking.

I would love to see this place jumping.

Love and Peace TC e356bcfe2d2c07665b98bc9bb3e172ce.gif 2c83eebf6f0859cbcf42cd5094146d75.gif7e99c8d6cdf9dd9ede1bc970fe9eeb88.gif

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