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Football cleats

Started by BlueLyon,

So I have been wondering...How often players change their boots?

Every game or they keep them for several months? How is with contracts like adidas, Nike etc..are they oblieged to wear new models that come out or can they use older models?

I would think that when strikers are in realy good form, some might want to keep their same boots for longer periods. Obviously its different thing than being a pro, but when I was playing in club, I had one pair for long long time because soon they realy fitted my feet and I tried newer models, but it wasnt the same.

Anyone knows?

(yeah Im really bored at the moment :lol: )

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There was an interview with JT and he said he wears boots once and then gets rid to charities or gives them to supporters. He said he trains in one pair and plays in another.

I think it's up to the individual as to what they do after matches as I asked Ighalo after the Watford and Sunderland game last season and he just said they are advised to hold onto the new ones a little longer but it's not essential.

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