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3. Marcos Alonso

Started by Spike,

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1 hour ago, Unionjack said:

LOL well 28 in 3 months - but hes not going to get any quicker is he?

But even at 28, that is a fairly young age. LB really start getting slower from their early 30s. Way too early to talk about replacing him based on age-wise.

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39 minutes ago, Stats said:

But even at 28, that is a fairly young age. LB really start getting slower from their early 30s. Way too early to talk about replacing him based on age-wise.


28 minutes ago, !Hazard! said:

I hate how 28 is nowadays seen as old :D

Its not at all like I'm an ageist. All I want is the best possible Chelsea team that we can put together Habing both him and Luiz playing together makes us far too weak at the back. They are both better offensively and I would upgrade both is we could..

I've already suggested we try him out as a striker as he is far better going forward than he is defending and you must agree with that.

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4 hours ago, Unionjack said:

Been chatting here about the 'what if' whether RM will come for Alonso - and with him getting slower and older who is there to replace him

My initial choice Telles is also getting to that age and I would prefer someone who will grow along with the team and be around awhile,

Was thinking Alex Grimaldo  or Gaya??

Both Manc teams looked at him Grimaldo last summer and I know Benfica knocked Spuds this summer but think they only offered £25mill. And Mou wanted Gaya this year.

They are both very similar to Alonso only faster and are better defense wise. Noth great on the ball, good passesr and a wicked left foot for set pieces.

I like them both. What ya reckon?


You forgot my post. Telles and Gaya are more than likely off the table. Telles is only 25, so not too old yet, even I am not that harsh (plus vanity, as I am 26 so not doing to call a 25 yo too old!! LOLOL)

Bad news now. I just was digging around and José Gayà's new release clause was raised to 100m euro when he signed a new 5 year contract. So there is a huge previous option now we have to take off the table for LB's.

Also, get ready to pull the other best actually available option. Alex Telles. He is on verge of signing new 5 year deal with a reported 75m euro release clause. Porto turned down 40m euro from Bayern (they already have Alaba at LB FFS!!! Greedy cunts!) at the end of the window 3 weeks ago.

Those were by far my 2 best options (along with the probably too expensive Sessegnon), as even IF Juve finally did agree to sell us Alex Sandro in the summer, he is probably too old now. I don't think we should pay £70m or so for a LB that we on get a season and a half out of before he turns 30. Remember there are only TWO superb LB's on planet over 28. Marcelo who turns 31 in May and is slowing down to point RM want Alonso for replacement, and Jordi Alba, who turns 30 in March.

With Gaya and (grrrr) Telles off the table, it's down to a pretty small number of acceptable level replacements. Manure is not going to sell Shaw.

TBH, I would take a healthy, pre-injury level Emerson over any of these except Sessegnon. But, is THAT Emerson ever going to emerge again? I am really getting worried. Also we need to try out Baba one final time.

In order (and none of these are easy pulls, all factors taken in, Firpo is probably best shot, as the first 3 will be so hard):


1. Ryan Sessegnon (IF we would use him as a left back, he is by far the best option, albeit will be crazy expensive)

2. Alejandro Grimaldo - Benfica (so many big clubs want him, our odds are poor)

3. Wendell - Bayer Leverkusen  (was a beast last night in the EL) BTW, it fucking sucks that Bayer has SO many players I drool over! Bailey, Havertz, Henrichs (gone now), Wendell, Tah, Retsos, 18yo Paulinho, (a probable superstar LW), Lucas Alario (striker option not discussed a lot), and Brandt.

4. Júnior Firpo - Real Betis (new addition, been watching him for 2 years, he is ready to play EPL ball, Shitty want him badly)

5. Layvin Kurzawa - PSG

6. Raphaël Guerreiro - Borussia Dortmund

7. Dalbert - Inter Milan

8. Theo Hernández - Real Madrid

9. Ferland Mendy - Lyon

10. Kieran Tierney - Celtic

11. Marcelo Saracchi - RB Leipzig 

12. Aarón Martín - Mainz

13. Borna Sosa - Stuttgart

14. Hamza Mendyl - Schalke

15. Jorge - Porto

16. Toni Lato - Valencia

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