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Special Juan

7. N'Golo Kante

Started by Special Juan,

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Kante is around 10x more valuable than Bakayoko so you do the math. 60 million euro mentioned here is the worst joke of the year.

Besides, Kante ain't going nowhere. He's here to stay.

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On 4/1/2018 at 6:14 PM, BlueLyon said:

And Alonso. Conte was screaming for backups, but how many times did he field Emerson ? Alonso for all his qualities fails the main quality and thats pace in PL, so that you can keep up with tempo. He is 2 gears bellow in every game, just take a look when Eden tried to play to the left and Alonso was miles behind. Put Alba, Alaba, Marcelo,...they would all be there already to support and it would turn in very dangerous chance at goal.

The amount of goalscoring chances Alonso has cost us because he cant get to through balls like marcelo, alaba and alba do consistently is baffling. Hazard has no way to linkup with him because he cant run. And alonso gets away with it because he scores one goal every 7 games. He is a bigger weakness to me than moses, thats how bad hes hindering us.

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2 hours ago, mccg said:

Real Madrid news: Zinedine Zidane issues fresh Chelsea transfer request
REAL MADRID boss Zinedine Zidane fancies swooping for Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante, it has been claimed.


fuck Madrid, 100 million upwards for Kante and nothing less. I want the the little man to stay here of course, but if Real want him they will have to cough up serious dough

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