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Captain Ahmed

19. Tammy Abraham

Started by Captain Ahmed,

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44 minutes ago, Vesper said:

What are your thoughts on all this?

I would have brought him back for the rest of he season as  hes just full of confidence right now and bringing him back would give him even more.

I know he isn't the striker we would want to see lead us nut stranger things have happened. I would have given him his chance.

Only reason I can guess we didn't is we must be looking for one to come right now and not the summer.

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17 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

I think it's the right choice, and I also could of seen him struggling to get in the team ahead of Jimenez.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

He probably looks at us and may spot an opportunity to break in next season given our current crop of strikers. But his best chance to do that is be guaranteed to play the rest of this season and hopefully keep up his scoring exploits.

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A PL loan makes sense if he’s to a team that plays good stuff and will start every game. Wolves do play good stuff unlike the other teams Tammy was linked with but my feeling is he gets minimal game time so I don’t see it being beneficial. Selling him there does make sense as when Jiminez goes at the end of his loan Tammy is there to take his place. But as it stands Wolves play with one striker and Jiminez is doing well. They don’t have a good back up and sometimes use Traore up front. Abraham I feel is bridging that gap for them, and not coming in to start for them. But I may be wrong, a few people think Nuno wants to play 3-5-2.

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Although it is reported he will stay at Villa, I will not be surprised if he has rejected the move hoping another PL team comes in for him. Jimenez is their no.1 striker and Abraham would be rotational. I think Palace should be in for him. He would start a lot of games there and would score goals imo and think that would be a good move for him. Other than that, it makes sense to stay at Villa unless a team comes in for him where he will be the main striker or at least start a lot of games.

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