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John Terry

Started by DavidEU,

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We miss him off the pitch for sure. I am sad that players like him, Lamps, Gerrard and others have become so so rare in today's football. For me, they are what football truly was, not this moneymediatattoofancyhaircut bullshit we have today.

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8 minutes ago, Jason said:


In the nicest possible way i hope he doesn't come back in the PL. He just wouldn't cope with the pace, that said Bruce's tactics would protect him to a point.

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Report: Terry will not be allowed Chelsea clause in new Villa contract

ohn Terry would not be permitted to have any clause in a new contract with Aston Villa which would formally allow him to miss games against Chelsea.

Steve Bruce, the Villa manager, has said he would not pick Terry against his former club if that is his wish but it is understood the Premier League would have deep concerns about any attempt by the former England captain to formalise such an arrangement in a written agreement or contract.

Villa will return to the top flight if they beat Fulham in the Sky Bet Championship play-off final and in that situation Terry can trigger a one-year extension to his contract. It has been suggested he would want to have a clause included saying he would not play against Chelsea.

Any attempt to do so however would fall foul of the Premier League, which took steps some years ago to prevent clubs selling players to rivals with a clause that they could not play against them.

When Terry, 37, stepped down a division to join Villa he said part of the reason was that he did not want to play against Chelsea, where he made 717 appearances during a 19-year career.

Bruce gave a tongue-in-cheek response to whether Terry would stay if Villa won promotion, saying: “Well, we’ll not pick him against Chelsea if that’s what he wants. I really genuinely hope he triggers it. All those phone calls to him, he hasn’t been disappointed with it. You can’t be disappointed when you walk through here.”

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