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John Terry

Started by DavidEU,

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I feel for JT. There's a media witch-hunt out to get him, and then some cheating twat gets him sent off. I can see why the referee gave it, but why on earth as a striker would you go down when you're through on goal? There's only two options - 1) you've been fouled, and 2) because you're a cheating twat trying to get somebody sent off, because you're scared you're going to miss the opportunity to score. Rondon is a cunt and I hope Rui Faria goes apocalyptic and break him in two when West Brom come to the Bridge. How a bloke that big can go down like that is fucking criminal.

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Every single one of us should be ready for the stick we are going to get this season. We are hated at the best of times so now we are riding on the back of a 2 cup winning season we are going to have every media tap merchant, every other manager, every other teams player as well as every fuckin teams wanker supporters calling us every name in the book. Us Chelsea supporters need thick skins but its tough at the top and I love it!

And while I do think that it was a soft booking offence against a proper twat shit like that is going to happen until theres a proper reffing system. Until then we will get more JT reds and pricks like these let off for practicing UFC moves.


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Revenge of the moderators ... :)

Older players often have a slow start as it takes longer for them to get fit. Nothing new here.

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The clubs needs athletic CBs imqhho. Although, I don't really know that for true, I'm just jealous about Atleti's pressing game.

I like their scouts!

John George Terry. :lol:

I am laughing so hard right now. You people are going all out with their full names.

Must be very easily pleased.

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