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26. John Terry

Started by DavidEU,

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On 1/10/2017 at 9:56 PM, Eidur the Spider said:

They can have Ivanovic permanently in that case.

Bane in a red and black Cherries shirt....beautiful. 

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On 11/01/2017 at 7:50 PM, the wes said:

Hope JT stays if we win the league I want to see JT end his chelsea career on high by lift the PL trophy for the last time 

I wouldn't like to see him staying on as a player tho. I can imagine hes felt like a square peg this season. Its time we started utilizing our old guard backstage. Theres plenty of ways we could be using him.Lamps,Drogs and get them fast tracked for their coaching docs.

I was thinking how much he must have liked his partnership with Cahill. It lasted awhile for club and country.

We know how long he has pushed Christensen to be a 1st team player so he must think alot of the lad and as JT is a rdown and out Emglish/London boy I can imagine he would like to see us carrying on useing at least 1 English defender. So I reckon he would like to see both guys in our back line when he signs off.

I cant imagine Christensen coming back if we sign another CB as hes already stated so.

Our defence/WBs are and going to be Contes big problem between now and new season.

We are sitting on top of the league yet we know we got problems. Just imagine if/when they get sorted.

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Hope he will retired at the end of season with golden medal. And his farewell speech would be so emotional, i can see it now :) also i think maybe Roman should step down from his boxarrow-10x10.png and say some words..JT deserves this. Best Captain ever.
Credit: Daniel Katona

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Chelsea captain John Terry named the Premier League's 'most loyal player' in CIES study




God I hope that I dont end up wanting to shake JT warmly bu his throat.

I really cant believe for a second that he would go and play in the PL against us.

John Terry open to switch to Premier League club?

Chelsea defender John Terry has reportedly had a change of heart and is now open to the possibility of playing for another Premier League club


And we even got the likes of our 'Arry suggesting vinegar tits sign him up!

Harry Redknapp: If I was Arsenal boss I'd sign this Chelsea star tomorrow


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On 04/02/2017 at 9:05 PM, manpe said:


Great vid.

You can see the obvious mutual respect that players have for each other and for 2 of the most respected captains with such a history of playing each other and with each other its a great thing to see.

Who knows how things would have been if we had signed him over. I might have sung his 'Slip' song at the top of my voice to him many times but I also gave him a big cheer when he left the pitch that last time.

JT really has to have a testimonial (a Lamps/JT combined) and we should try to make it one that will be hard to be beaten.2 of the best players to wear royal Blue.

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17 hours ago, the wes said:


West Brom interested in JT in the summer i hope he turns it down I can't bare to see JT in another English football team top American would be suitable place for JT 

For me he would lose some of that shine his statue should have outside the new ground!

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