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26. John Terry

Started by DavidEU,

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On 11/01/2017 at 7:50 PM, the wes said:

Hope JT stays if we win the league I want to see JT end his chelsea career on high by lift the PL trophy for the last time 

I wouldn't like to see him staying on as a player tho. I can imagine hes felt like a square peg this season. Its time we started utilizing our old guard backstage. Theres plenty of ways we could be using him.Lamps,Drogs and get them fast tracked for their coaching docs.

I was thinking how much he must have liked his partnership with Cahill. It lasted awhile for club and country.

We know how long he has pushed Christensen to be a 1st team player so he must think alot of the lad and as JT is a rdown and out Emglish/London boy I can imagine he would like to see us carrying on useing at least 1 English defender. So I reckon he would like to see both guys in our back line when he signs off.

I cant imagine Christensen coming back if we sign another CB as hes already stated so.

Our defence/WBs are and going to be Contes big problem between now and new season.

We are sitting on top of the league yet we know we got problems. Just imagine if/when they get sorted.

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