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Special Juan

The Conte Thread

Started by Special Juan,

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17 hours ago, bluephoenix said:

Conte needs to be given more power at this club. The problem has always been that players dictate too much.

You could maybe make a case for that 2012 and before, but players dictating now? Not even close.

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42 minutes ago, Henrique said:

Really interesting that people keep acting like Conte is a poor bloke because the board is not buying the players he deserves.

I think a lot of people still underestimate the impact Consta had on the overall quality of this squad, and underestimate how stupid Conte was to kick Costa's ass when the best replacements available were Lukaku and Morata. Its crazy that some people believe that someone who do such a thing deserves more control on the transfer market.

I sort of agree regarding Costa. He’s a top player, different style to Morata and he’s probably hugely missed in dressing room too but he made his bed in January when that China offer came around, same way Oscar had done, which is why Conte wasn’t bothered about keeping him or Oscar.

Board/Emenalo probably identify 75% of players we sign and have done for a while now, club decided to sell Matic against Contes wishes (he wanted to go but still could have put foot down instead of thinking $$$), failed to make headway with many first choice targets etc.  

I’ve said before I’d of liked Costa to stay and have him and Morata both play together, think it could of been a decent option but big problem in the summer was lack of high quality players brought in and right now based on interviews where Conte says he doesn’t know about clubs pursuit of Sanchez, about only giving his opinion to club when they come to him about a player etc. It’s fair to say he’s got his hands tied behind his back so to speak.

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I've always wanted a manager who would be given at least a couple of season to build a squad, more than a good starting XI. Not being a fan of the 3-cb formation - because it (overtime) always ends up like what we see today (super defensive) - Don't think Conte is the guy who could do that job for us, so he's not, and never was, my personal pref as a manager.

However, he was hired and I honestly don't know how much leverage he has, when selecting players and considering which of our players go on loan, so diff to say anything there.

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Think it is quite simply to explain the current state of Chelsea Football Club - there are FOUR major factors IMHO that have put their print on this season.

1) No ambition at the top of the club.

2) Negative stories in the media.

3) City running away with the title.

4) Getting drawn against Barcelona.


1) and 2) go hand in hand - The board seems to be scrapping the barrel these days and we're getting linked to shite players, whereas ours get linked to big moves to the likes of Madrid. Also we're constantly bombarded with negative stories in the media about Conte leaving at the end of the season and our poor transfer policy these days. Say what you want but these things do affect the players and also the match going fans as I feel the atmosphere at the Bridge is kind of toxic to say the least.

City's season has also gotten into our players minds and it happened very soon in the season. Think they've lost motivation early in the season when they knew all Chelsea could fight for is a top 4 place.

Barcelona in Champions League last 16 was the nail in the coffin. We the fans know and the players know as well there is no chance we knock them out. 

I see people slating the players on a constant basis but have a look back at the 15/16 season and you will find a lot of similarities - Willian, Hazard, Pedro, Fabregas, Matic, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Courtois were losing against the likes of Stoke, West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouth during a toxic period and next season they went on to a wonderful campaign and won the title. We were also saying this squad was bang average and there is no future going forward, but 16/17 season proved that motivation is a HUGE factor in football. 

Don't think a lot has changed and Morata and Bakayoko to name a few names that are on fans' lips every week are not bad, they are just simply playing for a team that has a very poor season. 

With Conte in our out, I'm sure we'll look different next season, but the main question is - can we sustain two, three solid seasons in a row? 

The board keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of building on a successful season, they go on and have a poor transfer window in the summer, negative stories pop up the next minute, season starts, there is a lot of tension both on the pitch and in the stands, we start the season on the wrong foot and hell breaks lose. 


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i hope conte comes back to the origins 

don't spend money for another avarege guy like emerson-palmieri, 

there is kenedy that has great potential and with a coach like him could become a great player 



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Conte did an amazing job last season and we played at times some of the best football I have seen us play. We was far better than most of us could ever imagine. Peeps have such short memories.

We knew when Mou came back that HE was only going to do a coaching job also as there was reports of it even being included into his contract. So I'm  not at all suprizd all Conte can do is put forward his opinion IF ASKED FOR IT.

Its not the way to run a football club IMO. There should be mutual consent between manager and head of transfers/sporting director. Or at least he should be given a veto.

The results are not all his fault. Hes done some strange selections and subbing but not to make excuses we have had shit bad luck. We should have put the game to rest last night in the first 10 minutes. We ARE making chances and taking shots. The players need to take their responsibility for their parts too.

I will be sorry to see him go which I do think is obvious whether hes pushed or he jumps. And I just hope that many of you that want him out we dont end up with worse.

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Luis Enrique may replace Antonio Conte: Juliano Belletti to join Chelsea - EXCLUSIVE

CHELSEA could turn to a Barcelona dream team to succeed Antonio Conte.

Starsport can reveal the pairing of Luis Enrique and former Blues defender Juliano Belletti are in the frame to take over in the summer.

Former Barca boss Enrique would replace Conte as coach with Belletti joining him at Stamford Bridge as his director of football.


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