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Special Juan

The Conte Thread

Started by Special Juan,

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If I was manager I'd have the players popping champagne over me and themselves after every single win. That's how you set a habit; have a trigger, have a reward. Champagne would give us a habit of winning.

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1 hour ago, Jason said:

The biggest mistake the club could make now would be not to back Conte in the transfer market. Achieved somewhat the unthinkable, given what happened last season, in the league and could end up winning the double later this month. The man knows what he's doing and he's gotta get the full support in strengthening the team and make it even better!

If the club does not back him and he leaves us like he left Juventus we can all give up on our board with their endless quest of finding the right manager to create a legacy. 

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It's more relaxing now because we can sit comfortable now and pick our summer targets. 

I was really looking forward to this summer transfer window, and is much better in the position we are in. Champions and CL with a good manager. 

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Please the board must give him the players he wants. Im sure we can take another few steps forward to perfection if Conte builds his squad.

PL, nevermind CL will be alot harder next year and we need to continue improving. 

There is a serious healthy competition between Manchesters, Chelsea and Spurs. It will benefit the english football and hopefuly we see more success in europe and bring english football back on throne. 

We have the perfect manager for the role, we just need wise buys. Contes Juve had some of best transfers of all clubs in recent years, hopefuly that will now be the case for Chelsea too.

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