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Fulham Broadway

The Mourinho Thread

Started by Fulham Broadway,

On 8. 7. 2017 at 7:58 PM, Roquila said:

Lukaku - He left because we signed Samuel fucking Eto'o instead of trying to develop a striker which we all knew had world class potential. Torres - Ba - Eto'o, this strikeforce was better than Lukaku in Joses opinion.

De Bruyne - Nothing to say here

Schurrle - If I remember correctly, Schurrle was pretty good off the bench and I still think he would be a good back-up

Bertrand - Again, good LB/LWB back-up

Felipe Luis - Don't get me started 

Juan Mata - Another good option to have off the bench to unlock games.

Let's not talk about Salah/Cuadrado who were so badly coached and treated that any thought given to that situation would just anger me.

And we sold Matic, even tho Mou is not here anymore.

I think those sales were board decisions or players wanted to leave themselves.

It also explains why Mata, Lukaku and Matic are now happy playing under Mourinho. If he told them he doesnt need them, they would never play for him...I guess it was their personal choice or board decision because they thought we have good squad and money looked good, so they decided its ok if they get shipped out :middlefinger:

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1 hour ago, Jason said:


“For me, let’s be honest and objective. The last three Premier League champions — Chelsea with Mourinho, Leicester with [Claudio] Ranieri, Chelsea with [Antonio] Conte — which of these teams was the most offensive one?” he said. “Which played more quality football? It was mine. But nobody says.”


"Let's be honest and objective." The man thinks his subjective opinion is the absolute truth. Conte's team was the most entertaining hands down, Mou's team was entertaining only for the first few months but fell off in the second part. Leicester, while deadly efficient, were not playing some joga bonito.

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Strongly disagree with Mourinho. In fact, BS. I hated the second part of the 2014/15 season. Ever since the defeat to Spuds on the new year's, we have been parking the bus. It's the worst compared to Leicester's and Conte's.

First half of the season though, it's hard to rank it. Obviously Leicester's will be third place, but Mourinho's Chelsea were so powerful, especially with prime Costa and Fabregas partnership. Shame the Newcastle defeat, Sunderland draw and the United draw soured things.

Then you have Conte, who maintained a 100% win start until he had a terrible September losing every single PL that month, then we went on an incredible 13 straight win run including beating pathetic Mourinho's United team. 

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1 hour ago, Jype said:

He really can't go even one week without trying to talk shit about Chelsea, can he? It's only getting sad and bitter at this point. :lol:

I distinctly remember that when people accused his Real Madrid side of being defensive/a counter attacking side, he used the goals scored record as his defence. By the same token, someone should point out that Conte's Chelsea scored more goals last season than any of his Chelsea side.

If scoring 85 goals - which is the sixth highest by a Premier League title winning side - is considered to be defensive, then what to make of his teams when none scored more than 73 goals?

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