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Fulham Broadway

The Mourinho Thread

Started by Fulham Broadway,

I quoted the part from where I started laughing hard, the exact moment being midway through "Kalou" :lol: And I almost took you seriously :lol:

it was a reasonable effort at satire ,, but as you said it didnt need to be so long

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People are too harsh on Conte. He took over a Juve side that finished 7th and won three straight league titles. That's an amazing achievement, I don't care how you want to spin it. He lost in the CL QF against Bayern. That Bayern side would beat any team, as they proved by winning the treble. CL 13/14 was disastrous. But it's one campaign. They were also a bit unfortunate in that final game. I remember that terrible pitch and weather conditions. Game never should've been played. Nonetheless that was still very poor. But two European campaigns is not enough to draw conclusions imo. 102 points with +57 GD in the league that same season, that's fantastic.

He's also done good work with Italy. It's not the most talented team, especially in terms of creativity and firepower (Insigne's, Eder's and Pelle's form is encouraging, but they aren't world-beaters), but they're a tough team and they can hurt you on the break with some intelligent play. He's a good manager imo.

He wouldn't be my first choice as new head coach but I wouldn't mind him as an interim manager at all. His high energy style and motivational skills would be welcome in the current situation. But it depends on whether he speaks English.

I know but I didn't dismiss his achievement in the Serie A, did I? I just don't really like some aspects of his management style and I'm not really sure about his work with Italy. Sure, he got them into the Euros but even then, their performances have been unconvincing.

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very good ;-)

Can I apply for the press officer role..... guess you need someone whose glass is half full and takes no nonsense from the negative bunch?

Yes. It was a vacant spot. You have the role. If you can show the same loyalty you showed for Jose for me, we'll be the most loved club in the world.

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Mourinho did make a slight dent to his "v. Wenger" record in the Community Shield. It's now from "Wenger has never beaten Mourinho" to "Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in a competitive match". You can't just simply say Le Arse has never beaten Mourinho because that is now false. (And we majorly have to thank the Spurs referee for that 2-0 victory too). Okay, my bad. We didn't lose to Newcastle. But it did definitely felt like a loss. I don't understand how we are getting stronger and stronger. We rarely score open goals to this day, still losing matches, and the players looking like they don't give a crap. Also can I remind you our best player Hazard still hasn't scored a single goal this season yet? We are in to December.

But we won against the Le Arse, some things never change.

Mate, it's all about the definition; the match took place in the Premier League and therefore i think i'm not wrong saying that things never change.

Yes, one can see it differently, like i said: matter of definition!

It's like math; some people include the zero in the natural numbers others don't.

Yes, everyone perceives a whole match differently. For you, the match against Newcastle "felt like a loss".

For me, when the team is already 2:0 down and still gets the draw in the end, moral victors.

Both parties have made their valid points, i think.

Agree to disagree, it won't be the last time.

Yes, we lose, yes, we hardly score from open play, yes some players still have problems to play to their potential.

But in my point of view, we create more and more chances to win the game, but the strikers fail miserably.

Remy is a good poacher, but that miss against Stoke, you can't make that shit up, i call it very very and again very unlucky.

For me, winning is the end result, before that can become a consistency, more things have to be fixed.

Before Benteke scored the 3:1, in my opinion we were already broken, the mentality "yes we can" was gone.

Maybe i'm a bit too optimistic but i think that has changed, but that's subjective feelings, a judge would rule that one out.

Hazard couldn't score a single goal so far but that is on him. He had the chances, couldn't finish them off.

In my point of view, Hazard's play has never been about goals, he keeps opponents busy and makes room for his mates, he is able to make some brilliant passes, isn't on sunday league level when it comes to defending, imo and so on.

I think apart from his goals, that area of his stats look quite empty this season, you're right, he is better than at the start of the season.

He's manning up (again) and takes on defenders, he leads the attacking line and doesn't back down easily, imo.

He's still not perfect, still holding on too long to the ball, sometimes too slow backwards and so on, but he will be fine, imo.

Maybe i'm too optimistic, don't know.

No man. That is not what I want. He only got it half-right. Bench Costa (HUGE TICK). But that doesn't mean I want us to play with no striker. Have you forgotten about Remy? Is he there for decoration? I understood why Jose left Remy out of the squad v. Spurs, but Bournemouth? And yeah he still hasn't change! WTF is Fabregas and Ivanovic doing in our starting lineups? They don't deserve to wear our blue shirt again especially Cesc Fabregas. Banging myself against the wall on this. How can we stay positive when we expect the same results to happen?

But getting it half-right doesn't exlude you from earning credit points, some points must be awarded!

When a player doesn't perform over more than a handful games to his standard, he can't complain when being dropped.

But the coach has to have reasonable backups.

Hell, Van Gaal substituted two Champions-League winners against Wolfsburg who were not injured (imo) for a newbie and an old guy,

that's utter madness, imo.

Avb did make those "jokes", leaving Drogba on the bench and playing Lukaku against Manchester United, lol.

Remy missed a sitter against Stoke, he isn't that familiar staying on -and offside, imo.

Furthermore he offers very little apart from goals and sometimes runs .Okay, that's very important, but when playing he isn't scoring for fun, is he?

Maybe his confidence has been destroyed over the season, he should have played more, i give you that. Alright.

Ivanovic was at fault for the goal from Bournemouth, that's on Jose. Would have Baba or Kenedy made the same mistake? You never know.

Fabregas has been shit for quite some time.

Mourinho should have awarded Loftus-Cheek more playing time during pre-season and all would be better.

Otherwise, Mikel and Ramires (who hasn't been fit over the season so far) aren't much better.

We can play a game: who has been worse, Oscar or Fabregas?!

Exactly, shit or shit, difficult to decide.

Maybe you have a point: Instead of playing Fabregas we should have fielded Loftus-Cheek.

The jury is still out, we'll see, but i get your point.

It's not guaranteed, I agree but it's a start. A new vision will come in to place eventually. With Mourinho you know what you're going to get. Boring negative defensive football. You can't even put "but effective" in that same sentence anymore. But I know what we need for sure. We definitely need a change.

During a season there won't be any preparation time. Most likely, because immediate success is important,

the newly promoted head coach will go with the old guard.

Maybe not, we'll never know, but guys like Di Matteo did exactly what again?

At the moment we're in big trouble; most people envy the club, imo, and really like to stick it to us.

As i have said before: Real Madrid or Chelsea 2014, but because of social media (trollfootball and so on) it's all about the bus.

During these desperate times, it's difficult to do the flicks and make a charming smile. I have to defend him a bit, sorry.

Yes, you see it differently, agree to disagree.

Maybe "losing" is the wrong word I chose. Because if we lost 4-5, I'll still be disappointed but I still want to watch Chelsea because they gave me a disappointing yet exciting match. If we keep losing because we played some youths who are learning, I wouldn't be calling for Jose's head. Because I saw the hunger of Kenedy, RLC and Traore when they play and they will put 100% to their performances to prove themselves. What angers me, is Jose's love for his favourites. It's Jose's stubbornness is why we are losing games. On top of that, I don't like the negative football he plays, the negative personality he puts out everytime he lose... The negativity transfers from the club to the fans. You aren't feeling it yet because you'll do anything to keep Jose in this club, but it's so obvious that the reason why I'M negative because Chelsea IS negative at the moment.

When we lose, it can be a soap opera, because Jose Mourinho doesn't take any prisoners and sometimes he crosses the line.

But why does he behave this way?

Some might say, because he loves the spotlight so much, but for me it's different, why?

He cares so much, he is just a fan like me or you, maybe rather than me because i'm a very bad loser too. (that's why he's one of us, imo).

Especially in the heat of the moment bad shit happens, everyone knows that from sunday league football, is that enough for an excuse?

No, sometimes an animal must be put into his place, i think people like Marina must be ruthless sometimes, but apart from that?!

I really get your attitude and frustration, but i'm backing my man 100%, not because of being a "Mourinhonista",

no, but rather because i'm absolutely in love with the idea of having a man around who is impulsive and always looking out for Chelsea's best interests and speaks clearly that one (for example the referee) isn't allowed to fuck with Chelsea.

You can't buy that behaviour, why?

I respect Luis Suarez for his skillset and for being ambitious (the idea of getting a particular girl made him the man he is today) honorable, imo.

But after the incident with Ivanovic, Benitez didn't give one flying fuck, no matter what you think of Benitez, unacceptable,

he didn't stood up for one of our own, because he doesn't even care.

But at Liverpool he was saying nasty stuff like plastic flags.

So it's nice to have a man who cares so much, yes he is making mistakes, but he is a try-hard and i respect that.

Kenedy is already getting games, so it's possible to play for a newbie.

I'm not working at Chelsea Football Club, Bayern Munich is searching engineers, but when it's not blue, it will be, so fuck that.

Back to topic, Kenedy is getting time, Loftus-Cheek and Traore must be doing some things wrong or still not good enough, which isn't a shame.

It all leads to one simple question: what was there first? hen or chicken?

What is it all about?

Is it about "learning by doing during matches" and you will become a star, or is it about training first then playing the match where one can retrieve the skills?

Messi may like Mourinho, but not enough to leave Barcelona. If Pep comes to the PL, I believe Messi will prefer to play for Pep then Jose.

Any memories of the end of Pep's reign at Barcelona? Yes, Pep said stuff like a cycle had come to an end and so on, have we got any believers?

It's a big speculation; frankly, i can only speak for myself, i think Pep had fallen out with a lot of players, i thought that's only a Jose thing?! ;)

Irrelevant, the point is one big name caugt my eye: Lionel Messi.

It has been reported at that time that he was unhappy with Pep and his methods, he didn't want to leave, but unhappy.

For me, from the distance Messi has always been a difficult guy to handle, i never bought in the "nice guy" image.

In any case the connection between the two cooled down a bit, yes, maybe it's better now, but at most professional, not like Ferguson and Ronaldo, father and son, big speculation in my point of view, i have to admit!

Pep Guardiola knows that winning is important, but at least for the public he says it's all about the beautiful game and philosophy, imo.

Jose Mourinho is different, imo, it's all about winning for him, yes he is able to set up nicely, but winning at all costs, the winner takes it all!

Maybe Messi is fed up and wants to try a different path, because for Messi it's about winning too, no fucks given.

After big losses, he spends most of the night alone in the dressing room and crying is little soul out because he can't take it (been reported).

I think he totally respects Jose Mourinho and his attitude, so i honestly think Lionel Messi could choose Mourinho over a revival with Pep.

Of course it depends on the cirumstances.


You called me out, i know that putting pen to paper often means a lot of effort and i don't want to be the fucker who doesn't show

any appreciation for it. So i expressed my views and feelings.

I can agree with you on some things, but others, there is no agreement possible for now, but that can change, both ways, i think.

Kudos to stroey, Johnny, Fulham Broadway and others who approached me and thanked me for some posts.

As i have said before i won't leave for good, but writing in other communities more often.

So long!

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Sign up that Adebayor lad on a free and sell 'em next year for a profit. Next pop in a 50p bid for that Alexis Texas fella from the Ukraine. I hear Niko Krankjar is available for loan, get 'em for a season and a half at 50% wages with an option to buy for half a mill.

We don't need another over-the-hill striker in Adebayor but that Texeira chap looks like a decent punt with his goals and age.

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No but money has made it possible for managers to win titles.

Can't understand why I should feel sympathy for a manager just because he won a tittle when it was expected because of money spent.

There's nothing amazing about winning a PL when you spend a lot of money.

If anything, minnows like Pellegrini and Mancini winning a tittle shows that it's nothing special if you spend good money on players.

When you spend a standard is expected. Simple and nothing more.

Going forward, Mourinho or another manager coming in will have to make do with sensible spending with transfer budgets far below what the Manchester clubs can spend. Probably more akin to Bayern Munich's transfer budget. Regardless of FFP.

Hence. proper scouting for cheaper targets and promoting home-grown youth comes vital. The club can't keep wasting millions on the likes of Cuadrado, Schurlle and Salah without making a dent in its cash flow. Moreover, the new stadium is the top priority for budget matters and there's won't be too much left over for splashing out on players.

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Van Gaal played Jese Lingaard and Nick Powell in United's crucial CL tie :lol:

Mourinho may be a bit frustrating with the youth, but my God I'm glad he doesn't feel youth (like those two Van Gaal fields) that are clearly not or never will be good enough.

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Dont worry mate, there are more supporters for Mourinho outside of this little forum, that is what matters in the end. Second observation I've made is that there are a lot of similar faces who are always for sacking a manager or slating them. Same faces who want Ancelotti in for Mourinho were the same people calling for his head after one trophyless season.

Same people who disappeared after Norwich and showed up post Bournemouth.

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Van Gaal played Jese Lingaard and Nick Powell in United's crucial CL tie :lol:

Mourinho may be a bit frustrating with the youth, but my God I'm glad he doesn't feel youth (like those two Van Gaal fields) that are clearly not or never will be good enough.

rooney, valencia, herrera, jones, shaw, morgan, rojo are all injured. what did you expect him to do?

also, even if other managers need the feel to play youth, jose is the right at the opposite of the other spectrum. he feels the need to DESTROY young players. case in point lukaku. a year of etoo was somehow better than developing lukaku. THAT in all honesty is LOL-MAX.

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I already see some of the fake fans coming out to fire him, and I need to back our legend. We need him.

Jose is the best manager in the world by quite some distance, only Ancelotti and maybe Pep even come close, but I still think Pep is a checkbook manager and hasn't really been tested when it comes to building a team himself.

We are just getting unlucky. A lot of these plastics are trying to poison our fan base but we just need to stick it out.

Reasons why we are losing:

1. Refs always robbing us. I am not going to say full out conspiracy, but there is clearly some collusion between refs when it comes to Chelsea.

2. Players. Our players are not good enough. Its clear that the likes of Fabregas, Oscar, Hazard, Costa, etc are not the caliber of players that Chelsea needs and the board failed Jose in getting proper starters that would help us challenge for a European spot, and now it looks like we won't be able to get it. Not Jose's fault at all if we are being honest (looking at you Emenalo).

3. Pure unlucky. Honestly, just look at how many matches we didn't win due to luck: Liverpool, Spurs (that Lloris save), Man City, etc. Sometimes luck just can't go our way when we need it and we can't really blame anyone else but God for this. In an alternate universe we could have won these games and been at least upper mid table, if not CL spot.

4. No real leaders. When you look at the squad, who is really that voice that can bring the team together? No one. We lost our spine. Without the likes of Ashley Cole, Cech, Kalou, how can we expect this team to win? We really need a Terry type character in the room, and we simply don't have it at the moment.

5. Players are not focused on tracking back enough. We made great progress in getting rid of the lazies early on in Mourinho's time here with KDB and Mata, but I dont think we did enough. It's clear that some of these players are more interested in taking on the defenders and pulling out some flair moves instead of tracking back their man and working for the team. Even Costa is joining in now and pretending to be a winger. Its getting really bad and I think getting rid of these "flair" players is a necessity before we can really see progress. When your attackers are more interested in looking to score and assist than defending, you know you have a problem. You can out-defend a team, but you can't really outscore one. Fundamentals need to come first.

6. Youth are letting down our club. We seem to have the most arrogant and least skilled youth around. The likes of Barca and Bayern seem to have some very down to earth players coming through their ranks, and we are stuck with the likes of RLC and co. Its just annoying at this point as they seem more interested in playing time than developing PL experience. They need to be more patient and humble, they wont get playing time until they get more PL experience.

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH... oh welll... :lol: :lol: i needed this. thanks man

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Some fans make Chelsea look like a small club. Real Madrid put Mourinho in his place and fired him after an awful season. There is no doubt who is the big character between Real and Jose. To other side, it seems Chelsea is not allowed to fire Mourinho, because the portuguese is bigger than the club.

"Nao tao ao céu, nem tao ao inferno"

Real Madrid has always overreacted when it comes to Managers. Their presidents have egos bigger than Earth. Just look at Ancelotti, even with the players AND supporters asking for him to stay and Perez didnt care. Following their actions isnt a good thing at all!

Now, we also dont need to be like some other clubs who wait until things are almost unsalvable until taking any kind of action.

P.S: I do think Jose deserves to be sacked, I just disagree with the RM comparison.

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Absolutely not, some people disappear when the results are good and reappear when we lose, I'm not talking about you.

And that saddens me, because pretty much everyone here can have fair points, but the fact that they feel the need to express their anger and criticize Mourinho and everything Chelsea related more than celebrating victories and stating the positive points really annoys me.

I don't have problems debating with people, just don't disappear and come back reigniting the subject when it suits you the most, eg. when we are losing, I hate that.

fair enough mate. i thought you actually agreed with the post below.
well "supporters for mourinho", will be there, but unfortunately for mourinho most of us on here are supporters of chelsea. and right now, jose is doing NOTHING but destroying the club.
as for the 2nd part of the below post - "a trophyless season". how is that even same. we might still win a trophy. an FA cup or maybe if GOD is a chelsea fan, then CL. that is hardly the point though. the point is our general play is RIDICULOUS. even in wins, we seem to go a couple of steps back. his favouritism is ruining the club with players like iva, cesc and oscar playing week in and week out. i mean keeping azpi, without a shred of doubt our best defender and infact the only player apart from willian who can hold his head high, was benched because jose just could not drop his favourite ivanovic. RIDICULOUS. should get the sack simply for that. and then there is the youth. oh well, lesser said, the better.

Dont worry mate, there are more supporters for Mourinho outside of this little forum, that is what matters in the end. Second observation I've made is that there are a lot of similar faces who are always for sacking a manager or slating them. Same faces who want Ancelotti in for Mourinho were the same people calling for his head after one trophyless season.

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