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Fulham Broadway

The Mourinho Thread

Started by Fulham Broadway,

Peace wonderful post. I agree with you completely. I sincerely believe that Mourinho is able and will win at least back to back PL titles, but imo his "cure" is CL title. He needs to improve his approach and tactics in big games for that, which may be the hardest thing for him.

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Mourinho's son apparently posted this...



This part 'You need to remember who you are talking to and realise I know a lot more than you' is embarassing and he could have saved that. Looking down on everyone.

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Wow. What a bunch of nonsense is talking Mourinho jr... I know that the fanst at the Bridge are bad, but to disrespect Chelsea fans in this way is more than unacceptable. How old is this boy? If he is below 11 yeras old I can understand him, but he must be older and he must start thinking as one. He is talking like a little 9 years old chelsea fan who is arguing with the boys from his class.

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I do not know if anyone has confirmed that the son of Jose said those words, but if the boy had said that I think is not something alarming.

These are the words of a BLUE more, one of us expressing their anger with a sector of the hobby that, sadly, every time we fail, they always express their disagreement with unwarranted attacks.

It is true that Fabregas has a lower yield lately, but I think that that does not justify that he can attack or whistle to him in The Bridge.

Within the policy of criminalizing absolutely everything that surrounds Jose Mourinho, this is a new way to attack him. We are all adults and the words used by the son of Jose we use them every day either of us. This is the real world, not Disney.

Those words are part of the global vocabulary of football, and it is not an attack on all of us, is a critique of some of our fans. But I do not believe they are a terrible words are common words in the world of football.

The son of Jose is a young boy who lives with passion our team. And is expressing his opinion on Instagram where everyone is free to express what they want. Nothing more.

Personally I do not feel offended by his words. It is true that my favorite player is Fabregas and I "love" Jose, but I think if someone said that about Jose I personally never would feel offended. Football is football.

It is important to differentiate between the son of Jose and Jose Mourinho the coach.

If we were all the same with the same opinion this would be very boring.

Regards to ALL.

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He's a 15 year old kid, do you expect much more? It is being taken well out of proportion :lol:

To be honest with his dad being of such high profile I would expect him to understand more than many that this sort of thing is recipe for disaster. Fair enough chatting amongst mates/ in house but to go onto a social network site and publicly have a pop is a tad stupid.

15 or not, somethings are just best left.

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Tomorrow on the front page of every newspaper in the world...

leomessi started following Jose Mourinho` son. 16s

Incredible Scandal!

Who will think the children?

I am not trying to offend absolutely no one. Apologies if my comment offended someone. I just pretend to downplay the issue. It is not a drama. He's just a young guy talking with his friends...

The press attacks against Jose are also attacks against us.

If Jose had not answered the press campaign against our players probably this issue would be only an anecdote.

Regards to ALL.

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sounds like a very insecure man

This is my main concern on the whole subject

I don't believe we have the same manager back, I think Spain really fucked him up

Thats what worries me

In hope we win the league - I hope he gets this monkey off his back

If we don't - God forbid what would happen

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His son is a bellend. 'Remember who you're talking to' how arrogant is that? You're a 15 year old who gets free tickets to every game who is the son of a manager. In other words a nobody. Just because daddy is popular doesn't mean you are above everyone else.

And don't give me any 'he's only 15' shite. I would have known that would have a stupid thing to write when I was 13.

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His son is a bellend. 'Remember who you're talking to' how arrogant is that? You're a 15 year old who gets free tickets to every game who is the son of a manager. In other words a nobody. Just because daddy is popular doesn't mean you are above everyone else.

And don't give me any 'he's only 15' shite. I would have known that would have a stupid thing to write when I was 13.

I would've wrote it when I was 15 so...

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Hello everyone!

I think it's time to think about our project for the third season of Jose on our bench in his return with us.

For me this season has been very good, because we are close to winning our fifth Premier League, have won the League Cup and we are gradually recovering the hegemony of English football.

We have passt two seasons with Jose. In the first we we had a very strong team physically with players like David Luiz - Lampard - Mikel or Etoo. In this second season we have taken a step further with a technical quality players like Fabregas or Matic, with players like Hazard, Azpilicueta, Courtois or Zouma consolidated in our team and a great attacker like Diego Costa.

I think it is now time to step up and bet for next season by a team with many technical aspects but committed defensive players. Two years ago Hazard was an anarchic player, however Hazard is now a very committed player in the defensive work.

Hazard is just an example because all our players has fully internalized the defensive aspects that Jose has taught and we're a very compact team and we do not need requires players physically strong players or ultra defensive players. We are prepared to defend with technical players. For example, in the first season was our defensive midfielder David Luiz, now our defensive midfielder is Matic. Great change.

Step by step we are going to evolve as a team. Without the anxiety to win trophies (it's just a matter of days for us to win this Premier League) and two years of working with Jose the next season we will be to take the next step in our evolution and bet on technical players.

Within this evolution players like Luis Filipe - Koke - Varane may be important for us.

Regarding Koke I think his signing has to be a priority: to us. A perfect place to rest Fabregas and ideal for improving our quality in midfield player. A player with great technical quality and great ability to work / sacrifice for the team. And a perfect partner for Diego Costa.

Varane is also a technical player who knows how to get the ball played from behind.

Filipe Luis I think he must be important for us next season. Ivanovic is physical strength and Filipe Luis is technical quality (Azpilicueta is untouchable). Maybe next season (considering the age of John Terry) Ivanovic can again be -Back Centre and Filipe Luis our Left-Back principal with Azpilicueta in the position of ourt principal Right-Back.

Messi would be the great dream for US. A team with Koke - Fabregas - Messi would be perfect, the great dream.

At the beginning of the season we have shown that we can play a spectacular football a TOTAL football. Jose can re-run our team as the beginning of the season, but he needs the right players.

A controversial issue could be the return of Juan Mata. I know this topic may bother many forum members (apologies in advance), but I think that Mata could be a great to renew our midfield option. He is usual reserve in Manchester United, always on the bench, and he is looking for a new team. Its price could be between 15 and 20 million pounds.

When Mata abandonment our team our situation was very different from today. Before us we played with David Luiz - Cole - Mike - Lampard - Etoo. A very physical team where Mata had no space. But now we Matic - Fabregas - Azpilicueta - Diego Costa with Hazard being much more important. In our current team Mata would have space, not in our starting eleven but if your first option off the bench as a substitute Fabregas - maybe Koke - and Maybe Messi. To get along to the final stage of the season we need to rotate our starting eleven and Mata would be perfect for this. While I accept that it is a complicated debate.

Mata knows our team, he has the support of many of us because his level was spectacular with us before the arrival of Jose, and probably accept a secondary role as first choice to replace Fabregas or Koke.

In addition, we need to replace Mikel as a defensive midfielder. To me Imbula or Kondogbia would be a perfect choice (perhaps William Carvalho is too expensive). We need a new Obi Mikel.

As Drogba will become part of the technical team of Jose next season, signing a new striker is an obligation.

I think it's difficult to find a player who assume he comes with us to be backup of Diego Costa.

For example, last week a famous Spanish football program Lewandowski Always thought that was very close to signing for Real Madrid (I think this news is pure sensationalism). Lewandowski is a great player, but he would hardly accept to come with us to be behind Diego Costa. The same happens with Kane.

To me the options would be Icardi, Dybala o Talisca.

Regarding our sales I think Mikel, Cahill, Cech (although I prefer Cech will be with us next season, but it seems he wants a transfer), Remy, Willian or Ramires could leave our team. Maybe we can get a good amount of money for them.

The theme of the players on loan is perhaps more complicated. The same happens with young players. Maybe Nathan Ake needs a loan to another Premier League team to take minutes show that it is able to have a good performance in Premier League as he has had in our academy.

Our team for next season could be the next.

Players confirmed in black.

New players in Blue.

Players with doubts about his future in red.



Zouma Varane

Ivanovic (as a wildcard) John Terry


Azpilicueta Filipe Luis

Ivanovic (as a wildcard) Azpilicueta (as a wildcard)

Koke Matic

Ruben Loftus-Cheek Kondogbia or Imbula


Mata (as a wildcard)

Messi Hazard

Cuadrado Willian

Mata (as a wildcard)

Diego Costa

Icardi or Dybala

Messi as false 9 (wildcard)

A team with great quality to make the ball fly with a quick circulation of the ball (as in the beginning of the season).

We have made with a good backbone in our team and these signings would consolidate our spine.

Obviously I know it is impossible to sign all of these players, but can be a good roadmap in our transfer policy for the transfer market next summer.

I think it's not a team for FIFA or PES, with a balance of players to have a good team play without extravagance.

At the beginning of the season we have had a spectacular football which revolved around the figure of Fabregas. He was the great change from the first season of Jose and his second season with Fabregas and we took a step forward. Perhaps now we need to take one more step and sign players with great technical quality to consolidate our project permanently.

Jose showed earlier this season that he can make us to play a spectacular football and with these players I'm sure that Jose could make us to function as a perfect machine.

Now we have sentence this Premier League, but I think it's time to think about our next step.

I hope your comments.

Regards to ALL.

Supporter, you've outdone yourself this time mate, great post.

Regarding Mata. I'd like to see him come home, but I think that it depends on many factors. FOR EXAMPLE: Unless we are playing a really small team, we could not play Fabregas and Mata together. However, he's played in our team where we had far less skill than we did now, he had a free role, but the one issue is that Hazard has the same role, so I imagine that to accomodate that, our CM set up would be a b2b/DM rather than DLP/DM. Cesc does need to be rested, of course, and he could be a really good option, especially if we offload Oscar, which I hate to say but I can see it happening tbh unless he stops sitting back. Koke is probably first choice to be a backup, though, considering that he's more of a DLP, therefore a more direct replacement for Cesc. I loved Juan, though...him coming back would be amazing.

I think that in the case of Mikel and Ramires, though, we should have more faith in Ake and RLC. IMO, (I know many would disagree) in our system, RLC and Ake are both better than their counterparts already, imo, especially in the case of RLC. Ramires is a BWM, which is not something that we are in need of. RLC on the other hand is a B2B, and if we DID bring Mata back or we played Cesc more advanced, he could give those driving runs that Yaya does for Silva and City. Midfield experience is needed, though, and I think that for DM, Ake should continue his development on loan, and similarly, we loan maybe an older player to be the backup of Matic. Not sure who a good candidate would be, though. If RLC learns how to shoot outside of the box, I think he could be our next Lampard, this is something we lack, and due to this, often we are caught on the very outside of the box and we knock it about to try and find an opening within the 9 bodies there.

Regarding Cech and our centre back pairings: I worry for Varane, I really do. He did not look good vs Schalke. IMO, it might be worth getting John Stones instead... Otherwise I think Kalas would be good enough for us. As you say, we should be playing Azpi-Luis in fullback, it is waste to have him benched. Ivan should be a CB/RB backup for us next season, unless RM or PSG put in an offer we can't refuse. But I think the priority for us should be a quick defence, because the attacking system we wish to employ requires quick defenders. Kalas can do this, with Zouma. Which leads me onto the issue of Cech. I think that, as JT declines, we're going to have to play a centre back pairing with less experience than we have with JT now, which is why I believe Jose will try his best to keep him here. If he can't play JT he will want Cech to give that leadership element, which, ironically, I think means that the share of games between Thibaut and Cech will be more even next season. If Cech and JT both don't play, Cesc will be our next captain. Also, I think Cesc should not be playing CAM, he likes space and time to create, which is why Mata would be good when he doesn't play.

Finally, with Messi and Willian. I mean, it COULD happen...but I just don't see it. I think Willian will remain our starting winger here, who knows, without Iva behind him maybe he might surprise us, it must be intensely draining to have to mop up for Iva and then get up the field to attack within 15 seconds. If Messi came here, though.... I'd like to see Bamford return from loan, and I think Remy will go too. Drogs can be a Giggs-style player manager to make a few cameos in the season, milestones etc...


Dave/Iva Zouma/Kalas JT/Stones Luis/Ake/Azpi

Cesc/Zouma/RLC Matic/Ake/(Loanee)


Messi/Willian Hazard/Bamford








^^^This team would be a personal favourite. Forgot to mention, if we stick Zouma in midfield then having 4 normal centre backs is not a bad shout. When Mata's in the team, it would tighten up the mid and might be a sensible change.


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