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Chelsea Battle Royale

Started by Melanicus,

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Cuadrado would hit the deck before the game even started.

Ramires would do a lot of running but offer nothing else.

Fabregas will break people down but flat out refuse to ever deliver the finishing shot/blow.

Cahill would back away from all conflicts off a cliff.

Courtois would be sold down the river by Ivanovic.

Matic would spend all his time trying to protect Terry, Ivanovic and Cahill and end up losing because of it.

Hazard would be doing brilliantly before being chopped to the ground by everyone for being too good.

Oscar would be good at the start of the fight, but fade badly.

Willian would be good at the end of the fight, relying entirely on stamina early on.

The final 2 would be the 2 hardest members of our team: Ivanovic and Costa. Costa would be winning but then Mourinho would walk out from behind a tree, shoot Costa in the head and say the immortal words "No-one drops Branislav. Not even me.".

made my day

How about our youngster anyway ?

Did mourinho kill them all even before the game isnt started for the sake to "protecting" them to not getting another unnecessary pain if they tried to ?

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