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Closed Chelsea v Crystal Palace

Started by Jason,

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Ivanovic is going to get destroyed. Pedro is going to have to defend for him, essentially playing RB, and he will then hand in a transfer request after the game.

I'm looking for the comedy match-ups of the weekend

bolassie vs ivanovic or montero vs darmian

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They will try to double team both, hazard and pedro which will leave acres of space in the middle. Hence we need s.o. more dangerous than Willian to exploit it.

It certainly could create more space for our attacking midfielder.

Willian just needs to drive into the box more and give more forward passes (no sideway passing) to be dangerous. He stays outside the box too much for my liking.

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How do we STILL not know what's wrong with Oscar? This would've been the perfect match for him to start in. Just picks up a mysterious injury and misses 3 weeks? Come on!

Just like Remy's mysterious injury last season that was supposed to be a slight knock and he was out for a month. So frustrating.

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