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Pedro Rodríguez

Started by Jason,

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Loved how he willed on the team while he was walking off, I know its one game but he really looks the part doesn't he?


Quality on the ball and very aware of his defensive duties, pressing energetically. But "not a player to take us to the next level" apparently.

And this.

His ambidexterity makes him so hard to mark and adds a great dimension to our attack. He so easily switches the ball on to his left or right, full backs do not know how to deal with him. Quality debut. Can't wait to see him again in a Chelsea shirt if this was anything to judge by.

Excellent debut. Showed all the qualities that we've been crying out for. :clap:

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Pedro and Hazard is the new Robben and Duff partnership.

Deal with it


What I was saying from the beginning.

Glad that this has potential like that except less injury prone.

Now we just need a top cb like we had with Ricardo and we are close to being set.... Well pogba would complete us but that's a hard one.

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"Schurrle type of player"? he's so so so much more.

I was dead wrong. I had doubts about his form, age, and his overall game, but im sold after this game. I know nothing and i love it.

Midfielders who play for Barcelona, its always confusing. Alexis? looked a big limited there, Song? looked awful technically when he's very descent for Arsenal and West Ham. When you play with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi you look bad.

From this one game, i think Pedro is EXACTLY what we needed. So happy we got this RW finaly. Keep it up.

By Schurrle type I meant a winger that is all about off the ball movement and strong finishing. Not someone that always wants the ball to feet. Obviously Pedro has the technique as well though.

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He aint half bad is he?

I'm so happy he had a good first game. His confidence will be thru the roof and it will hopefully wake some of the other lads up too.

Lets hope his form gets even better. Its great to have that balance we have needed for awhile now.

Good game Mr Rodriguez.

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