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Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

Started by MrBlueGuy,

Who should be Chelsea's next permanent manager?   246 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be Chelsea's next permanent manager?

    • Luis Enrique
    • Thomas Tuchel
    • Carlo Ancelotti
    • Guus Hiddink
    • Maurizio Sarri
    • Diego Simeone
    • Max Allegri
    • Brendan Rodgers
    • Other

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18 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

Get Dyche and play 10 at the back. Barca will shit themselves.

Not sure if this is tongue in cheek or not but Burnley have come a fair bit since they first came up, they aren't exactly just a defensive team and they play a lot more than they used to. Anyway we won the league playing a similar style more or less haha, just sitting off teams with a back 5 and block of 4 in MF really. Personally I think Dyche has done an excellent job there actually. Not that he'll ever be considered for here and not that he should be (potentially he could end up managing a much bigger club in the future if he keeps going the way he has been but).

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I hate getting involved in threads like this and transfers because I end up getting my hopes up and normally end up a blithering wreck with need of a bottle of Valium and another full of MDMA!.

I really dont think it matters 1 bit just who we get or how good hes doing with us. Ever since Roman sacked Carlo I realized that unless you kiss his ring piece and his board full of kiss arse yes men then youre days are numbered, Carlo was sacked at the time (probably still) with one of the best records of any PL manager.

What has depressed me more is the weakness of alot of our players characters. They dont seem to be able to dig down and find another gear when needed. If its not all rosey in their garden then they walk around like lovestruck schoolboys with their hands on their hips and jaws dropping. That includes Eden.

OK we needed to phase out our old guard for younger lads but they were alot to do with the character of Chelsea. Ive read about some of the half time heated conversations the ads would have at half time when they would speak their minds aboutthe things that needed saying. Butthey would still pull it together and play like a team.

We dont have that strength of character any more We have a captain in Cahill who seems to have such a weak ego he needs to have to physically wear an armband to prove to himself hes the Captain instead of letting his actions speak for themselves. I  love Dave with a man crush but I'm not sure hes got that character needed to bring a team together. And I cant see any of the lads do sadly.

With Roman only really wanting a neutered eunuch of a head coach whose balls have neen firmly placed in a ever growing jar on Grannys desk without any real power and then only get a 2 year contract. And who will change the teams playing style to suit him instead of trusting one enough and giving them time building our character / playing style / formations. Instead I think we should be looking at our board and looking how to get back our old Chelsea attitude and character. Because right now even if Jesus Christ/Allah/Jehovah/Krishna/Aum/Nun/Ra/Bastet,Zeus etc etc (Didn't want to upset anyone and leave THEIR God out as I'm agnostic :P lol) was in charge of us they would get the Spanish archer in a year if they hadn't won fuck all.

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Metro.co.uk said Chelsea have LVG in place to replace Conte.

The shite the tabloids like typing to gain and get clicks.



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It will mostly likely one of these horrible names for us if Conte leaves.

Probably Real Madrid, PSG and Bayern for sure will be looking for a new manager this summer.

People who want to replace Conte with Sarri or Allegri should ask themselves this question: Do you really think they would leave their clubs for us under these circumstances?

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On a footballing level, would adore Sarri here. He is committed to attacking football no matter what, and he’s shown over the past couple of years that he’s a winner. Tactically, Conte was atrocious today. Subbing off your best player when we need to win, seriously?? I would think that with Sarri’s mentality, that would never happen with her m in charge.

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