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Next Manager?

Started by MrBlueGuy,

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Everyone here knows I'm the biggest Mourinho slapped there is, but IF the day comes soon (which it won't this season under ANY circumstances) then I'd want a manager that's completely different style wise.

Wouldn't want Simeone for example who plays in a similar way.

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So "The Carneiro" which was made to avoid speaking about Eva in other topics gets closed and this one stands ? :lol:

Erm, you might want to search the forum properly first before claiming that thread has been closed...

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Don't understand the logic. People have a go at many of our players, and call for their heads but...... If you criticize Mou and think the team should go in another direction. You are a plastic.

Someone please explain this hypocracy to me!

Okay, allow me to have a go.

Good football managers are few and far between. Great ones even more so. Mourinho is a great one. Nay, he's a special one -- did you like that?

Anyway, the talent pool for players is much wider and as such they are easier to replace, save for a maybe the top 10 in the world or so. So a change of playing staff is a much smaller affair. Particularly when you consider that the majority usually only want rid of players when they are either 1) not good enough or 2) coming to the end of their short careers -- relative to the length of a good managers.

Mourinho is a serial winner. Doesn't matter what you think about him or his style, he wins.

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Okay, gone ahead and locked this thread. Bit of a ridiculous overreaction that is bound to just cause unnecessary arguments and pettiness.

Jose signed a new 4 year contract a few weeks ago, we aren't replacing him anytime soon.

If you have any criticisms about Jose, do it in the Mourinho thread.

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Id go Capello short term, Simeone or Conte long term.

Capello would be interesting. Hasn't managed club level in England but he's the disciplinarian this squad is crying out for I guess.. Tactically proven and in my opinion one of England's best manager's recent times.

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