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Next Manager?

Started by MrBlueGuy,

Who should be Chelsea's next permanent manager?   272 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be Chelsea's next permanent manager?

    • Carlo Ancelotti
    • Guus Hiddink
    • Maurizio Sarri
    • Diego Simeone
    • Max Allegri
    • Brendan Rodgers
    • Other
    • Luis Enrique
    • Thomas Tuchel

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It's a merry go round at the moment lol - No Sarri unless we pay for Jorginho, no Jorginho without Sarri. If we sign Sarri then he can't sign anyone from Napoli - god damn!!!!

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Screw it, just screw it. It's not going to be today or tomorrow mark my words. Next week we'll be sharing the same stories until someone says Chelsea are tired of this and will continue with Conte.

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Just now, zekinjo said:


Damn. I know it was coming, but this just looks nasty. Can't be grateful enough to this man.

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5 minutes ago, Tomo said:

It's quite surreal.

If this happened at any point upto January i would have been everybit as gutted as when Mou left the first time, now im relieved.

Yep, I'll appreciate and always look back with great fondness on our title win 2 years ago because it was so unexpected and a huge deal of credit goes to Conte for the tactics and mentality he instilled in that side.

This last season though has been a train wreck and it's clear he doesn't want to be here anymore or work with our board. I thank him for what he's done, but cannot help but feel glad that he's on his way too. 

The whole club needs a fresh start.

Tomo, Leeds nil and Sideshow Luiz like this

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