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Wildcards for the 2015/16 season

Started by Viper22,


  • Randomly-assigned fixtures will be labelled wildcard gameweeks. These work in the same way as normal gameweeks, however, the difference is any points you achieve will be doubled.
  • For example, if you correctly predicted that Chelsea would beat Arsenal 6-0, and that Schurrle would be the first goalscorer, you would normally receive seven points - in a wildcard gameweek, this would be doubled to 14.
  • There will be a maximum of five wildcard gameweeks, all of which will be Premier League fixtures.

The 5 wildcard gameweeks for this season will be:

- West Brom vs Chelsea (23/08/2015)

- Chelsea vs Aston Villa (17/10/2015)

- Chelsea vs Bournemouth (05/12/2015)

- Chelsea vs Man Utd (06/02/2015)

- Swansea vs Chelsea (19/04/2015)

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