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2015/16 Rules

Started by Viper22,

How It Works....

For each match, you will be asked to fill in a form with your predictions. It will look like this:

Match Details

Opposition -
Date -
Kick-off time -

For your predictions you should set them out using the following format, or similar:

Match Result (Chelsea Win, Draw or Chelsea Lose)

Match Scoreline (Chelsea goals first)

Chelsea's first goalscorer

e.g. If you think that Chelsea will beat Liverpool 2-1 and Chelsea's first goalscorer will be Diego Costa then you post:

Chelsea win



If your prediction is deemed to be in any way vague, IT WON'T BE COUNTED!

You can overcome this by using the template I have outlined above!

Note that the score will be the score at the end of the 90 minutes. In the case of cup knockout matches that go to extra-time, the score will be at the end of 120 minutes. But always remember that Chelsea goals must come first at all times.

The Scoring System


  • If you correctly predict the type of result, you gain one point.
  • If a game goes to extra-time, the result is applicable to the score at the end of the 120 minutes
  • In a single-leg cup tie, if the game is decided on penalties, the correct result is a draw. If it is a double-legged cup tie (ie. a Champions League knockout round tie) and the game is decided on penalties, the correct result is reflected by the score in that leg at the end of extra-time.

Final Score

  • You gain one point for predicting the goals scored or one point for predicting the goals conceded. For example, if you said that Chelsea would win 1-0 but they drew 1-1 you would gain one point for the correct number of goals scored. You would not gain any points for the match result forecast though.
  • If you got neither the amount of goals scored or conceded correct, you can gain two points for correctly guessing the margin of the score. For example, if Chelsea win 2-0 but you predicted a 3-1 victory, you would obtain two points. However, this is not relevant if the game is drawn - you will not attain additional points as the scoring margin must be the same.
  • If you predict the exact final score, you get three points.
  • If a game is drawn after 90 minutes and the game is settled in extra-time, then the Final Score is relevant to the score at 120 minutes.


  • If you correctly predict the first Chelsea player to score in the game, you gain three points.
  • If the person you select to score first does score, but also scores later on in the match, you will be awarded one point per additional goal that player scores.
  • If the player you predict to score the first Chelsea goal does not score the first Chelsea goal, but still scores, you gain one point for each goal they score.
  • You may put down own goal as the first Chelsea goalscorer, in which case you will receive points as per usual.
  • You may also decide that Chelsea may not score at all - in which case, simply put 'N/A' or 'none' next to the criterion. If correct, you will gain three points.


  • You may make a prediction in a topic for a match as soon as the topic opens - and you are also free to edit this prediction as many times as you like.
  • However, predictions close fifteen minutes before kick-off, and topics will also be closed to prevent you from potentially editing your own post.


  • Randomly-assigned fixtures will be labelled wildcard game-weeks. These work in the same way as normal game-weeks, however, the difference is any points you achieve will be doubled.
  • For example, if you correctly predicted that Chelsea would beat Blackburn 1-0, and that Diego Costa would be the first goalscorer, you would normally receive six points - in a wildcard game-week, this would be doubled to 12.
  • There will be a maximum of five wildcard game-weeks, all of which will be Premier League fixtures.
  • The assigned fixtures will be publicized at a later date.


Reputation will be awarded to those people who finish in the top ten, on the following scale:

  • 1st - 150 rep points
  • 2nd - 100 rep points
  • 3rd - 80 rep points
  • 4th - 60 rep points
  • 5th - 40 rep points
  • 6th, 7th - 30 rep points
  • 8th, 9th, 10th - 20 rep points

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Slight change to the scoring system this year, with points awarded for goals scored or conceded regardless of whether you correctly predict the match result forecast. Good luck everyone!!

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