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Looking for a Fan for a Movie for Chelsea

Started by schwitzni,

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

My Name is Nick Wolff and I am the Head of the Videodepartment at the Schwitzke Group. We are building the Chelsea FC Megastore located in the Stadium of the Chelsea FC right now. To document our work and to advertise for the new store we are planing to give one Chelsea fan the opportunity to see the Megastore first and exclusively before the actual opening. We are going to make a film focusing on that particular fan on the day that he is allowed to visit the store. Here is our mood film to show of how the film is supposed to look.


Password: schwitzkegraphics

If the Film turns out really great it might be possible that Chelsea will use it on Facebook aswell to promote their new store. For our project we need a real fan situated in the area of London available on the 1st and 2nd of August and on the evening of the 3rd of August. He would work with a team of a director and a camera operator and would then be given the opportunity to check out the new store on the evening of the 3rd. He also would be the voice of the Film.

The fan should be male between the age of 25-35 and in the best case has a emotional story to tell, connected to football or even the Chelsea FC. We would like to start the film in his flat or house so he should be okay with that aswell. It is also important that he feels comfortable in front of a camera.

If you anyone of you guys is interested, please leave a comment down here with a picture of yourself and maybe a short resume, why you are the right person for the movie.

If you have a question to this, let us know!

Best wishes from Germany,

Nick Wolff

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