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Member of the Year 2015 - Funniest Forumer, Most-Liked Forumer, Wisest Forumer

Started by BlueLion.,

Member of the Year Awards - 2015 - Awards 4, 5, and 6   37 members have voted

  1. 1. Funniest Forumer

  2. 2. Most-Liked Forumer

  3. 3. Wisest Forumer

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Funniest Forumer - Spike - (Did not even have to think about that one) :lol:

Most Liked Forumer - We Hate Scouse

Wisest Forumer - Madmax - (Hugely tough decision for this one.. both Madmax and FB have been around a long time, I chose Madmax in the end though)

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Choulo is the wisest imo, what he doesnt know about geo-political global affairs isnt worth knowing.

But he is shit with English slang :D

:lol: To be fair, most of the slang I know I've learnt from here, so you only have yourselves to blame! :P

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Stingray for funniest by a fair distance!

Most liked is Barb, although WHS jumps up in everyone's estimation when he posts some amazing inside info!!

Madmax for wisest, although both nominations for this are just perfect! Sorry to FB, he's just as deserving but I went with my initial gut reaction.

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