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Magic Lamps

Rumoured Paulo Dybala

Started by Magic Lamps,

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50 minutes ago, OhForAGreavsie said:

On the person, or persons, who do make the footballing decisions.

I've written many times about who I think that is but I don't even have any evidence, never mind proof. I have also written many times about the fact that, were I in Roman's position, I would be making all of the transfer decisions myself. I'd listen to advice and recommendations of course but in the end I'd decide. I can conceive of a situation where I might defer to an experienced football person in whose judgement I trusted but there's no way I'd give up my dream of selecting all of Chelsea's players to someone with zero credentials. I don't think Roman would either. What'd be the point? Where would the fun be in that? I might give someone else the responsibility of handling the boring business side of deals but the fun part? No chance.

Then why hasn't Roman sacked her? Vesper's answer to that question is that Marina has some blackmail material over her boss. I don't remember Vesper's response to my follow up point which was why, if you have such powerful influence over a billionaire, why waste it on getting a job for which you are not qualified? One from the performance of which, you wouldn't gain a single scrap of prestige or self-esteem?  Why not take some other, equally well paid, position on the board. One that didn't entail actually working?


It's possible but, for me to believe that I'd have to believe that Marina is an extremely stupid individual. I don't believe that and I've seen no evidence to cause me to doubt that opinion. 

Not blackmail per se. She is just part of the Sibneft mafia. Much dirty biz back in the day during Roman's rise to billionaire level. The history is not pretty. I am not winning any fans here by bringing it up, but I don't believe in gaslighting shit just because it involves my football team I love.

Zero chance Marina is stupid btw. You are spot on.

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