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Dismantled at QPR

Started by Changingman_2000,

Easter Monday, 1986. Still leaves me in a weakened state when I recall the events around the easter weekend. Flying high in the league (4th), although no dreams of Europe due to those scouse c**ts the year before. West Spam at home on the Saturday, arrived very positive, we were playing well, consistent and with purpose. Granted the Pikeys had Cottee and McAvennie at their prime, but, as I said, I was confident. Short lived however as the marsh men horsed us 0-4. Onto QPR two days later, now filled with trepidation and confidence fragile to say the least. Gary fucking Bannister, who would get off his death bed to score against us given the chance, scored a hat trick in a 6-0 rout. In the space of two days, both the Pikeys and QPR had ripped the almighty piss right out of us. Desolate days and work the following day was not a pleasant experience.

Only got thinking about this after our shameful performance yesterday.


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